In the Baksan gorge found the skulls were long headed people

Russian archaeologists in the next expedition discovered the secret of ancient tombs in the Baksan gorge. They tried to understand why found the skull such a strange elongated shape. Whether it is a genetic trait, whether the evidence of a great mind, and maybe buried there does not earthlings?

Archaeologists — not the hunters skulls, but it is very tempting to look into the mysteries of the Scythian-Sarmatian burial in the Baksan gorge. The expedition of the State historical Museum has confirmed the theory — 2000 years ago at the foot of Elbrus lived long-headed.

Sergei Demidenko, a research fellow of the Institute of archaeology of Russian Academy of Sciences: “One of the most interesting finds — deformed skull of a girl of 15 years.”

There is an assumption that deformed skull in infancy, highlighting thus the aristocrats. This is a pragmatic version of scientists. Ufologists local mountains dreaming. Every stone here is associated with the cosmos, and hence people with elongated heads clearly someone was impersonating. The representative of the Russian geographical society directly into the excavation made a new theory.

Victor Kotlyarov, the head of the Russian geographical society in Kabardino-Balkaria: “it is My theory that people with such skulls could see the future”.

In the Baksan gorge everywhere graves of different cultures. Wherever stupa — a sacred place. It remained untouched for thousands of years, until it is not interfered with. Expedition Historical Museum will return to the Baksan gorge next summer.

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