In the Chelyabinsk region of Russia have found a unique bronze dagger

Chelyabinsk archeologists in the field season 2016, has found a unique dagger in the burial of the bronze age near the village of Stepnoe (Plastovskiy region) – found thing is a real work of art.

Steppe VII is one of the richest and most interesting burial grounds, the modern era of Arkaim. The main studies were carried out in 2000-2006 – results of the excavations are hundreds of articles, last year published a monograph.

Excavations 2016 wore rescue character, previous exploration found that located on the investigated part of the cemetery sand quarry threatens the destruction of an uncharted part of the monument. To save needed urgent excavations near to the quarry of the burial complex.


“This burial consisted of a complex of the moat surrounding the platform with Central burial, which dates back to the XIX–XVIII centuries BC In ancient times, the burial was robbed, there were the remains of at least two people, a bronze knife, arrowheads, jewelry,” – said in the message.

The real sensation was a bronze ceremonial dagger, found near buried. It is a real work of art, and the technology on which the object made, is not inferior to modern scientists say. Things of such level of complexity has never been found in modern cemeteries of the region and its form is unique. It is planned to conduct comprehensive studies of the metal composition and manufacturing techniques in conjunction with physics of Chelyabinsk state University.

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