In the Israeli cave found the whole amphorae

Entire amphoras found in a hard-to-reach cave in Israel. The age of the vessels is more than 2 thousand years. The dishes were found in a cavity in a steep rock. Scientists believe that nobody lived in this cave. Researchers had to lower large amphorae in bags with a rope from a height of more than 30 meters.

The cave is located near the border with Lebanon, so for the work of archaeologists it was necessary to notify the Israeli army about this.

The cave was discovered about 6 months ago by an Israeli speleologist who for 20 years has been searching for caves in Galilee used by Jews as shelters during the Jewish uprising in the 66th and 70th centuries. AD

According to archaeologists, a new find of an earlier period. Two amphorae were undamaged. In addition to them, parts of other vessels for food storage and a few shards were found.

According to the researchers, the amphorae are probably of the Hellenistic period (III – I centuries BC). Someone could take them here, intending to live here for a while. At the same time, scientists emphasize that the cavity would be a little crowded, because it was small – only 1×2 meters.

It was impossible to get to the cave from below. And on top of it you could only get on the rope. According to the researchers, the person who left the amphoras here was completely bad, since he decided on such a desperate step.

Scientists admit that the cave could only be used as a storage place. In similar vessels, wine or olive oil was usually stored, and one of the vessels was used for cooking.

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