In the Karaganda region of Kazakhstan discovered an ancient pyramid

The staff of the archaeological expedition of the Saryarka archaeological Institute, under the leadership of candidate of historical Sciences I. A. Kukushkina were pleased with another sensational discovery near the city of Karaganda unique step excavated the mausoleum of the Begazy-dandybaevskaya time (15-10 centuries BC).

This writes the candidate of historical Sciences, archaeologist and orientalist Victor Novozhenov on his page in Facebook

“Their form is magnificent burial structure reminiscent of the famous Egyptian pyramids about the same historical period and especially the step pyramid of Pharaoh Djoser.

Judging by the monumental designs, this mausoleum was built in Saryarka more than 3 thousand years ago for local “Pharaoh” – the leader or Hagan powerful local tribe of the period of the late bronze. The days will begin the autopsy of the main burial in the mausoleum. All the finds and materials of this unique monument will be exhibited in the Museum of archaeology of the University of Karaganda,” – said the scientist.

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