In the Krasnoyarsk Territory of Russia found a cemetery of mammoths and dinosaurs

The oldest burial of primitive fauna was discovered by Tomsk paleontologists during an expedition in the Achinsk District of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. A group of scientists arrived at the Big Ilek section with a completely different goal – to carry out a stratigraphic description (research in the field of hydrogeology), but quite unexpectedly at the site of the excavations discovered the remains of large dinosaurs, as well as bones of mammoths and rhinoceroses.

As the head of the expedition Sergey Leshchinsky said, the remains of the so-called mammoth fauna were buried not in water, but on the earth’s surface, and as a rule, bones are found relatively intact in such cases.

– Here, the bones are almost all broken. Predators of predators on them, we did not find, therefore, perhaps, the ancient man “worked” here, too, – he comments.

According to Leshchinsky, during excavations at the Big Ilek, which presented such an unexpected surprise to scientists, paleontologists had to use mountaineering equipment. The height of the cut in some places reached 60 meters and was a sheer falling walls.

Nevertheless, it was decided to continue the dangerous research, taking into account such significant discoveries for science.

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