In the Mexican cave found bas-reliefs with images of extraterrestrials

The researchers found a cave in which they found stones with relief scenes depicting aliens, as well as spaceships of aliens.

The search for mysterious caves began with legends in which it was said that in ancient times alien beings arrived on a spaceship and ancient people captured it on stone bas-reliefs that were made in a system of three caves located somewhere between the cities of Veracruz and Puebla in Mexico.

In the course of their research in one of the caves, the group that went on a quest found stones with images of an alien spaceship and aliens engraved on their surface.

The researchers note that these stones themselves are of great interest, because their structure is similar to jade. These bas-reliefs prove that the civilization of the Maya Indians was in contact with representatives of other planets thousands of years ago.

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Better than questionable photos of UFO’s floating around.


How do you ‘date’ stone? Couldn’t the items have been made a few years ago and deposited in the caves? Just asking a serious question.

Rick Smith

Human offers Alien an ordinary hand grenade, and Alien offers in return the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch. …and so it begins.

J. Southstar

These Mexican cave findings are mentioned at this widely-followed website, circa September, 2017:

(Use the site’s Search feature to view other such important findings of non-human remains — try “alien mummy”, “alien skull”)

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