In the Orenburg region of Russia found the burial of the Sarmatian warrior

In July, the detachment of the archaeological expedition of the Orenburg State Pedagogical University proceeded to excavation of the cultural heritage site of federal importance “Kurgan burial ground II” near the village of Second Imangulovo in Oktyabrsky district.

The expedition is studying four burial mounds with burials of the Sarmatian culture.
The most interesting artifacts were found in the burial of the Sarmatian warrior, accompanied by two ceramic vessels, an iron sword and a quiver with arrows. The finds date back to the II-I centuries BC.

In another barrow under a stone structure, a burial of a woman with a child and a sacrificial burial of a horse were discovered. The funeral inventory is represented by beads, bracelets, temporal rings and a set for drawing tattoos. Judging by the finds, the mound was built in the IV century BC.

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