In the Stavropol region found burial age 25,000 years

The findings that 25 thousand years, found in Stavropol (Russia) archaeologists. An ancient tomb supposedly belongs to the Bronze age. Now, scientists will be easier to know how our ancestors lived and how was undeveloped their way of life.

During the reconstruction Priveekollektie channel Stavropol archaeologists have discovered ancient burial ground. The findings, according to scientists, belong to the bronze age.

A little over a month Stavropol archaeologists studying an ancient tomb. The burial ground consists of 5 mounds from different epochs.

Specialists found an interesting burial of two unknown people watching facing the other way. Archaeologists can not yet say what exactly they were. It is possible that they were warriors and noble people. Except the skeletons in the cemetery were found arrowheads.

The new findings fall in the Stavropol Museum of local lore, and on-site burial grounds to start construction, since the excavation of ancient burial sites is not considered to be of historical value.

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