In the Stavropol region of Russia found ancient burials of the Scythians

Excavations on the monument of the architectural heritage “Grushevskoe Gorodishche” leads a group of archaeologists. An arrow, a bronze pin, cornelian and bronze beads, beads and fragments of ceramic tableware were raised from the ground.

Items discovered during the construction of the third stage of Rossiysky Prospect in the south-west of Stavropol. As Vladimir Rudenko, a senior researcher at the Heritage enterprise, explained to Pobeda26, the archaeologists will first explore the site and then they will be replaced by workers.

“At this place in the VII – III century BC there was an underground burial ground of the Grushevsky settlement. Here we find objects characteristic of two cultures – Scythian and Koban. There are about thirty burials themselves, and they are complex, since they have a stone lining, ”the expert explained.

Archaeologists plan to work on the site until mid-August 2019.

Earlier it was reported that foreign archaeologists would come to study the Tatarsky settlement.

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