In the United States, experiments were conducted on the cross between monkeys and humans

A well-known British scientist told reporters that about 100 years ago a human and chimpanzee hybrid was hatched in the American laboratory, but then he was killed by doctors because of panic, which was caused by a successful experiment.

According to the evolutionary psychologist Gordon Gallup, a former professor at his university uncovered an unusual experience that was held in Orange Park in the 1920s. The scientist specified that the female chimpanzee was artificially fertilized with human sperm, and the animal became pregnant with a half-human half-man.

“The semen was taken from a human donor and placed in the egg of the primacy. Pregnancy was successful and led to the birth of a live calf, “- leads the publication of The Sun Gallup words.

According to the statements of the evolutionary psychologist, after a few days or weeks, the scientists killed the baby for moral and ethical reasons. In this case, Gallup emphasizes that the professor who informed him about the experiment has great authority and a good reputation and he can be trusted by his words.

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