It became known about the birth of trade among the inhabitants of ancient Egypt

Inhabitants of Ancient Egypt for four millennia BC already actively developed foreign trade, exchanged goods with territories where modern Somalia and Eritrea are located, and even had a trading land way to the Red Sea.

As the Egyptian newspaper “Yoom7” writes, this is evidenced by an ancient quarry found in the desert near the city of Idfu in the south of the country with rock paintings and rare hieroglyphic inscriptions.

The discovery was made by the Egyptian-American archaeological mission, which discovered drawings and hieroglyphs on the rocks in the excavation area of ​​an ancient quarry near Idfu (a city a hundred kilometers south of Luxor). “Excavations of the quarry confirmed the existence of a land road linking the Nile Valley and the Red Sea for another 3.5 thousand years BC, which corresponds to the first dynasty of ancient Egyptian pharaohs.This tells us that the ancient Egyptians actively traded with other countries already 6 thousand years ago “, – quotes the edition of the words of the director of the management of monuments of antiquity Idf Ramadan Hasan.

According to him, scientists believe that the rare inscriptions and drawings refer to the early stage of the development of the hieroglyphic writing of Ancient Egypt and, probably, can be considered the first such rock paintings.

“This discovery also sheds light on the origin of some” imported “items found at various times in the tombs of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs, which could not be produced in ancient Egypt, but brought from the territory of modern Sudan, Somalia and Palestine,” Hasan said.

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