It wasn’t the Titanic that was sinking. The wreck of the legendary ship received an unexpected interpretation

The version about the substitution of the ship is gaining popularity on the network. Its adherents provide some intriguing evidence to support their thinking.

When the shipwreck happened in 1912, it shocked the whole world. One of the best representatives of technological progress and at that time the limit of innovative dreams went to the bottom after meeting with an iceberg. Nevertheless, writes Popular Mechanics, in recent years, the idea has spread among Internet users that the sunken ship was not the Titanic at all.

The publication writes that the following is known for sure: there was a ship, it really sank in the icy waters of the North Atlantic on April 15, 1912, and about 1,500 passengers on board this ship were killed. According to a non-standard version, the British manufacturer White Star Line has changed the vessel for the trip from Southampton to New York. Instead of the declared “Titanic”, an older ship, the “Olympic”, set sail.

The Olympic was the first and lead ship of the White Star Line. But on September 20, 1911, passing by the warship Hawk, he made an unexpected U-turn, which caused the ships to collide. Litigation began, and the “Olympic” began to bring losses to the company – the repair of the ship could not be covered by insurance. With this fact, the conjectures of the adherents of the non-standard theory begin.

Unusual interpretation

The White Star Line allegedly replaced the Titanic with a real Olympic and wanted to sink the ship in an accident. That way she could get insurance corresponding to the value of a brand new ship, while the newly built ship would be safe and sound.

The adherents of the theory point to a number of facts that, in their opinion, prove the veracity of the judgments: the company did not allow a public examination of the Titanic before its departure. She was probably afraid that the experts would discover the disguised Olympic. In addition, people find inconsistencies in the photo with the portholes. When comparing some of the images, it seems that the details of the Titanic are different and more like the details of another ship.

Nevertheless, some researchers dispute the opinion of adherents of non-standard theory. The ships were still not identical, although the Titanic was built in the image and likeness of its “older brother”. In particular, the Titanic had a unique cafe, and during the construction of the Olympic, special steel plates were installed on the engine base plates. When checking the Titanic, no such plates were found.

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