John Smith-the cosmonaut missing in 1973 and returning in 2000

John Smith was born in 1941. A child of harsh military years, he dreamed of becoming a pilot from his earliest childhood. The dream was carried out quite easily. After school, a purposeful and industrious little boy came to the military college of the US Air Force in 1960 and successfully graduated.

It was also his turn to show his fighting ability – the young pilot was sent to Vietnam. For a long time he did not stay there, but the “Medal for Service in Vietnam” received. True, evil tongues said that this medal was given to anyone who had committed at least one combat sortie.

But John Skeet had more ambitious plans. Flying over ten years over 9 thousand hours, Major Smith decided to apply for admission to the detachment of astronauts.

He became a space scavenger, or rather – a “cleaner”. The essence of his activity was to clean the near-Earth space from a lot of fragments of carrier rockets, out-of-service satellites and other space junk. Undoubtedly, this mission is noble, and the work of “dozens of near-Earth space” was enough.

In the radiation belt

It is worth remembering at what time the described events took place. After the end of the lunar program “Apollo”, the administration of President Reagan came forward with the SOI program.

In the very near future, it was planned to deploy in the near-Earth space a whole complex of space vehicles designed to detect and destroy ballistic missiles and warheads of a potential enemy.

Apparently, John Smith and his colleagues, among other things, were obliged to experience means that could be used for more serious work, including for the destruction of foreign spy satellites. Anyway, John Smith at the end of October, 1973 started on a new ship, which was disguised as another satellite, commissioned by the Pentagon.

The first three days the flight passed normally, but then the system of maneuvering and orientation of the spaceship failed. Thus, the ship and its pilot were in the area of ​​radiation belts, which, as is known, adversely affects not only the body, but also the technique. The NASA administration tried to save the astronaut by launching emergency preparations for the launch of another missile. But suddenly the connection with Smith was interrupted.

In the turmoil, no one paid any attention to the fact that, along with Smith’s signals, some strange radio noise persistently rushed into the air. Only then the specialists, analyzing the records made, suggested that the source of these sounds is somewhere in the vicinity of the constellation of the Triangle. The very radiation, very active during the flight of Smith, eventually began to weaken, and then completely disappeared.

After what happened in space for a few days, all NASA employees were in a state of shock. The authorities came to their senses first and strictly ordered all employees under the threat of immediate dismissal to forget about the cosmic tragedy that had occurred, as if it had never happened. In this case, the launch of the ship, piloted by John, was noted in the documentation simply as unsuccessful, and the astronaut was written off as a result of an accident during a training flight.

The personnel of the military-space forces are absolutely secret sphere, and no one was worried that this story could come out. It could have been finished on this, if she had not recently received an unexpected, really fantastic continuation.

Suspicious resurrection

Thunder struck for NASA employees at the end of 2000. The lost American satellite ship was suddenly accidentally discovered. How did this happen? An amateur astronomer from the Fiji Islands recorded an unknown cosmic body in an orbit 480 kilometers in height and reported it to the American Space Agency.

The agency specialists sent their radars to the specified area, then rummaged through the archives and came to the conclusion that the once missing ship of Smith … re-emerged from non-existence and at the moment has started to decrease …

The rest was already a matter of technique. Although the ship still did not respond to radio requests, NASA decided to take advantage of the fact that the object dropped to an acceptable altitude, and made an attempt to take it off the orbit. In early 2001, this operation was carried out during the next flight of the shuttle Endeavor. Fixing cargo in the transport compartment, “Endeavor” landed safely. And when the find was uncovered, it turned out that Smith was still in the cab and … alive. But without consciousness, as the temperature inside the ship was close to absolute zero.

When the temperature began to increase gradually, one of the experts noticed that the astronaut seems to be giving signs of life. Cryogenic medicine specialists urgently called for help. Little by little the astronaut managed to revive. And then it turned out that the Earth returned … not John Smith! Then who is it?

The first suspicions arose after NASA physicians and specialists from one of the leading military hospitals in the US checked the patient’s condition with his medical records. Immediately revealed strange differences. For example, very few people know that the human heart is in most cases not located to the left, as it is commonly believed, but practically in the center of the chest, it is only partially displaced to the left. Sometimes there are people who have a heart shifted to the right. And such an anomaly, as a rule, does not lead to deterioration of health and well-being. Judging by the map, Smith was once such a man. At the present patient the heart had a usual, left, displacement.

In addition, in the medical map of Smith, there were signs of fracture of the ribs, obtained as a child. At the present patient all ribs were impeccable. Several fairly large moles, recorded on the body of John Smith and mentioned in the column “Special signs”, the newly arrived astronaut completely absent.

Well, it may be, little things that can still be explained. But here are the data concerning the intellectual abilities of the individual in question. The former Smith had difficulties with higher mathematics, and the returning astronaut freely extracted cubic roots from 18-digit numbers … Other oddities became known. In particular, it was found that in the personal notebook of the astronaut, which is issued to everyone before the flight, only half of the 100 sheets remained. And out of 50 pages only 24 John croaked with strange small symbols, not resembling either Eastern hieroglyphs, or ancient ideographic letters, or letters of any modern alphabet. In general, the experts had a crazy hypothesis: not John Smith came back to Earth, but some kind of human-like creature that responds to this name and replaced the real astronaut. Who, why and why it did, is unclear.

This incident was carefully classified. But while the authorities decided what to do, John Smith mysteriously disappeared. Nobody saw him coming out of the guarded premises. No one noticed that someone was leaving the protected base of the base. Nevertheless, the fact remains – John Smith left the place of his stay, more precisely, the conclusion. And careful searches have not given anything yet. Just was an astronaut and – no!

The US military department as a water in the mouth scored, not responding to articles about a strange cosmonaut published in the media. Well, they are not accustomed to it, but ordinary Americans have filled up letters with the request to tell more in detail about this history, and the Congress, television, and newspaper offices. In response – complete silence …

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