Kartalinskaya Stonehenge

Local lore expedition visited the “stele in a circle. In his native land, with an informative tour went group, comprised of local historians, the staff of Kartli historical Museum, teachers and urban settlement schools, as well as children.

Bus Kartli regional specialists visited the most significant from a historical point of view point located in the vicinity of the village Annenskoe.

An educational visit with teachers and schoolchildren held a distinguished teacher and historian Yuri Alentiev. He told the participants of the expedition with the historical places and told about the events that occurred in this area in ancient times.

One of the places visited by the group was the so-called “stele in a circle – sanctuary, which consists of granite-paved circle and anthropomorphic steles with totem sign. According to some sources, this monument was created by people in the 12th century. On the stone stele depicts the snake felts, roofing felts a special sword without jumper. Around it are stones of smaller size.

This train was one of the series planned for this summer excursions.

Historians had previously visited Neplyuevsk settlement, where he visited the local temple, the dig and “Dead peg” – the burial place of the clergy and the Cossacks in the beginning of the last century. Planning a trip to Velikoploskoe settlement of Arkaim and other historically significant places.

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