Legends of Ireland: Fintan Mac Bohra who escaped the Great Flood

In the saga “The Vision of Fingen” a woman from the Other World lists to King Fingen the miracles that marked the night of the birth of the future King Conn. The Battle: “What is this miracle yet? Fingen asked. ” The woman answered: “Fintan, the son of Bohra, the son of Noah, the son of Etiar, the son of Noyle, the son of Amd, the son of Cain, the son of Noah, who became the greatest sage in this world. He was speechless at the hour when he heard the buzz of a flood near the slope of Mount Oulifet. On the crest of the wave, he was transferred to the south-west of Ireland. He became he and lay buried in a dream, while the flood covered the earth. Truly he was silent from that time to the present. That is why the truth about Ireland, its deeds, prophecies, antiquities and laws was hidden. Only one Fintan survived the flood, and this night the Lord sent down the spirit of Samuel the prophet in the guise of a young man. Fintan’s lips fell on the sun, and three depressions appeared on his neck, making seven gifts of eloquence and seven chains take his tongue. That was how old and old deeds opened this night. ”

The Irish expected a primordial man to transfer traditional knowledge that justified their existence throughout history, legendary and real, including the change of religion. Fintan, who preserved the memory of all the waves of miraculous immigrants who rolled into the island after the flood, tells about this in the saga “Establishment of the possessions of Tara.” More completely the same mythical prehistory of Ireland is set forth in the “Book of the Captures of Ireland”, and mythical geography – in the saga “Old places”.

After the flood, the race of Partolon moved to Ireland. The name “Partolon” is not of Irish origin; this is a distorted Latin “Bartholomew”. St. Jerome claimed that the meaning of the name “Bartholomew” is “the son of the one who stops the waters” (meaning the flood waters). Therefore, the Christian scribes of the saga called Partolon the leader of the invasion of Ireland, which followed immediately after the Flood. Partolon belongs to the number of creators or mythical ancestors, in primitive mythologies these characters are very close to each other. M. Eliade has an interesting observation about the God-creator, who, having created the World and the person, departs from affairs. To complete the act of creation, he entrusts the mythical ancestors, whom he himself created before retiring to rest.

As a mythical ancestor, Partolon takes the world out of chaos, creates lakes, rivers, plains. With it, the earth gradually begins to acquire its present natural appearance. When Partolon arrived in Ireland, there were only three lakes and nine rivers. To the three lakes Partolon added seven more. There is a legend about the origin of one of them. One of the three sons of Partolon, Rudraige, died. When the grave was dug up to him, a spring was found at the bottom, which soon turned into Loch Rudraige. Prior to the appearance of Partolon in Ireland, there was only one plain, called the Sen Mag (“old plain”), and there was “neither a root nor a branch of a tree”. To this single plain, plowing the new, the children of Partolon added three more. Partolon lays the foundations of the economy and civilization: he raises the virgin land, invents fishing, hunting, farming.

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