“Majestic-12”: the main mystery of the XX century

In the history of the twentieth century was somewhat sensational, but at the same time, covert operations that shook the world. One of such operations was called “majestic-12”. It all started in 1947.

24 June in the U.S. civilian pilot conducting the flight in the heart of the Cascade mountains (Washington state), saw nine disc-shaped spacecraft flying in formation at high speed. Although this was not the first observation of such objects known, the event became the first swallow in terms of broad public exposure. Followed by the message about the nine vehicles of unearthly design followed by hundreds of reports of observation of such objects. Many of them came from highly credible military and civilian sources. These messages were analyzed in several military departments of the United States independently from each other with the purpose of revealing the true information about these objects from the standpoint of the interests of national defense. It interviewed a large number of witnesses and made several unsuccessful attempts to use the aircraft for prosecution of discs in flight, because the disks (or “plates”) continued to appear with depressing regularity. The public reaction to these actions sometimes bordered on hysteria.

However, despite enormous effort, progress in the study of the essence of these objects was negligible. And then received information from a local farmer. He reported that a drive crashed in a remote area of new Mexico, not far from the military base Roswell.

Secret “operation majestic-12” started on 7 July 1947. Its essence consisted in the detection and scientific investigation of the wreckage obscure drive. In the process of operation American Aero investigation had also found four humanoids of small stature, who apparently ejected from the apparatus before the explosion. They were found about two miles East of the crash site drive. All creatures were dead and were in terrible condition, because before the discovery, they are almost a week was “production” of rodents and microorganisms.

What was left of the bodies and from the office, took to study a special research group. Civil and military witnesses were taken subscription about nondisclosure, but for ordinary people in the media have launched a message that the object was lost control of hydrometeorological research probe.

A detailed study of four bodies was performed by the group of Dr. Bronk. From pre-trial detention of this group, dated 30 November 1947, implies that although the appearance of the dead and a humanoid, but the biological and evolutionary processes are significantly different from the processes of human activity. Therefore, to refer to these creatures was temporary introduced the term “Extraterrestrial biological entity” (VBS). Temporary – because it meant its further refinement in subsequent stages of research tel.

According to preliminary analysis, obtained by General Twining and Dr. Bush, the disc is more reminiscent of small intelligence apparatus. This conclusion was formulated according to the size of the device with the size of the reconnaissance aircraft and the apparent lack of on Board any of the stocks. Clearly one thing was clear: the device apparently of extraterrestrial origin, no country in the world there is no such technology that allowed to build something like that.

The main issue is the question of the origin of zvezdoleta and how they were on the Ground. The researchers assumed that they were from Mars, although some scientists, especially Dr. Donald Menzel, was considered the most likely their appearance from another solar system. Some wreckage was discovered labels such as hieroglyphics, to decipher which failed. Also unsuccessful were attempts to unravel the principle of movements of the object and working of the engines. The research was complicated by the fact that the engines were destroyed in the explosion, which caused the accident.

Work on the study crashed alien ship wore in the different divisions different names: “Mark”, “Anger”, “the Blue book”, but for simplicity we will use the common name – “majestic-12”. It also refers to a top-secret group of twelve people involved in coordinating the study of UFOs in General. It was the leading scientists and prominent military leaders including rear Admiral Sydney Sersa, the first Director of the main Directorate of military intelligence, General Nathan Tuininga, commander of logistics of the air force, Dr. Vannevar Bush, Chairman of the joint Committee of research and development (leading expert in the field of nuclear physics), and General of Hoyt Vandenberg, air force chief of staff.

The study lasted for a long time, and in 1950, scientists got a second “gift”: on November 6 at the El Indio-Guerrero near the US border with Mexico crashed a second object, similar probably to the first. He crashed into the ground at high speed after driving on a long trajectory in the atmosphere. The movement observed from the earth, and immediately after the accident at the crash site were sent a search team found the remains of the almost completely burnt object. Samples from the scene were taken urgently to study in the Sandia (new Mexico).

Fundamental to national security was the fact that the goals and objectives of the visitors from outer Space was a completely unknown and incomprehensible. In addition, observations have shown that the activity of unidentified objects began in may of 1950 and continued throughout the autumn, and therefore it is likely that the second visit – not the last. Therefore, the program received a new level of secrecy to avoid panic among the population.

Whence learned the details of the operation? 11 December 1984, TV producer Jaime shandera received a carefully Packed envelope, which was not developed 35 mm photographic film. It turned out, was captured a few pages of top secret documents known as “majestic – 12”. In these documents mentioned prominent scientists and military who have been studying captured flying saucers and aliens. The letter had no return address, it also presented all of the above events, as well as the document signed by Truman in which the President gives “valuable hints” about the secrecy of the operation. Immediately the question arose: is the original document or another fake? Stamps and signatures on the documents are real, but supporters of the version that the document is fake, cause this argument: people can’t subscribe twice exactly the same, and the Truman signature on the received document as two drops of water similar to the signature in one of the documents open stored in the library of Congress. Supporters of the version that the document is genuine claim that the document from the library one for authenticity is not checked, so no one knows where the fake signature, where is the real one.

But there was another question: descriptions of the accident in a letter to several different from what witnesses tell of falling. So where is the truth? By the way, there is information that in the district have suffered an accident to four flying discs. I wonder what was so interesting for them? And why all have suffered an accident?

The story of the letters did not end there. At the end of 1986, the journalists received from a man named John who served in the British army, a package of documents. John said that he was instructed to give them to his commander. It was six messages in total 600 pages. During the conversation reference was made to a number of names and codes that are later matched with data from documents of the group “majestic-12”. The documents contain the results of biological analysis of bodies of aliens recovered from their crashed ships. This report was dated 1948, and another folder, Dating back to October 1977 (!) years, was called “Elimination of non-military sources of information.”

The end of the century, the US government did everything to suppress the rumors about Rosolska the incident. Nevertheless, in 1996, the investigation was started again. The investigation that was appointed in connection with the underground appearance of the film, called simply and very specifically: “alien Autopsy”. The film shows how it was done the autopsy of one of the aliens. It was not, strictly speaking, a film and a documentary recording for the film the fact of opening. In 1995, ray Santilli, a London musical film journalist, released a film called Alien Autopsy: fact or fiction. He made a strong impression, and still the debate continues whether to believe that first film and what it shows. Russian language films – neither one nor the other – completely didn’t show up, was shown only the excerpts included in other documentaries, so here is a brief retelling. A film by ray Santilli consists of two parts; the first contains the story of the first film, and briefly described Roswarski the incident, the second presents the most sensational footage that ray Santilli was able to find. It shows the autopsy of strange humanoid beings with a group of surgeons or pathologists.

About Roselle in the film says that this is a military airfield, the base elite squadron No. 509. It is from here rose the plane that bombed Hiroshima. When the drive crashed he was in the hands of the military, who sent him to study in Ohio. The film shows the witnesses who were somehow associated with the base in Ohio and Rosella.

The moderator drew the attention of the audience on the metal plates that were clearly designed for creatures with six fingers. It was assumed that it’s some type of device control. Aliens put hands in special grooves corresponding to the six-fingered hand, and thus could control your spaceship. Maybe in thought, maybe some others.

Was told in the movie and Kevin Randall, who wrote a book about Rosolska the incident. He claims that the investigation involved many more people than you can imagine – about fifty people, at least, with so many people he managed to talk. There is information that the rumors about the accident is not covered, the remains of the ship burn, but they were not burned. Then decided to cut it with a blowtorch – as well to no avail. The wreckage of the ship was made of some extremely light metal. Such earth technologies to produce simply unrealistic.

Kevin Randall said that the military pressured the witnesses, forcing them to keep quiet about what they saw. “They’ll kill you if you tell anyone,” – said the military witnesses. They announced that flying saucer they already have – that nobody was looking for.

Another witness – the daughter of one of the officers, Frankie rose. She told me that her father immediately after the incident told her that in addition to the two dead bodies were found and one live one. That is three and not four as mentioned in other sources. This creature was like a little preteen with pink skin and gray spots on it. The face is triangular and very large eyes with an unusual cut. And six fingers. Where did it go – is unknown, and did the alien and unknown, too. But the body revealed in the movie, was not disfigured by decomposition, and rodents, so it is likely that it was a body that was found alive. Killed him or he died himself – will remain a mystery.

Around the first of the film once there was a huge amount of talk that the footage of the autopsy are not real, that they had a hand in Hollywood, the master has not such effects. But ray Santilli believes that in the “alien Autopsy” showed it was the alien autopsy. Curious how he found this movie. One day when ray was collecting footage of the performances rock and roll bands in the 50-ies, an older American said to him: “by the Way, I have some more shots”. When ray saw them, my first thought was that the shooting wasn’t real. On black-and-white footage, shot without sound and obviously not on a tripod, was filmed the autopsy of a humanoid creature. The man who brought the film, was a former military operator. He said that in 1947 he was summoned to Roswell, and it was there that he got it right on the autopsy. The operator told me that he had problems with developing one of the rolls of film, so he had to process differently, and this coil had not been transferred to Ohio as everyone else. Earlier he tried to give it to someone who would be interested to know the truth, but he couldn’t find anyone. The film was in a metal box – the same as everyone else.

The operator told that personally saw how the falling alien “saucer”. But where it came from and then where did – he doesn’t know. Was the name of the operator Roderick Ryan.

The authenticity of the film was checked in various ways, including the analysis of objects caught in the frame: whether they existed in 1947? Attention was drawn to the clock on the wall of the company “General electric”, which entered service in 1940. Telephone bell company, 1937 edition. Yes, the items correspond to the era, but who said that they could not be sold later and shoot on film imitating 1947? Can be will advise you a film “Kodak”? Can I know when was it created? For this invited expert, Lawrence Keith, who for sixteen years worked in the company “Eastman Kodak”. Kate reported that the company gave to the geometric designations of all films depending on the year they were produced. Judging by the presented film, we can assume that it was manufactured in 1927, 1947 or 1967. Here’s a vague expertise… the Important thing is that in 1947, this film still could be produced.

When the film is more or less sorted out, I decided to explore the film – not fabricated it later and not issued for the film for 40 years? This invited an expert Floor Cherche, senior curator of the darkroom, the company “Eastman Kodak company in Rochester (new York). Cherche clearly stated that the film could be filmed in the period from late 40’s to early 50-ies. “When people ask me whether it is possible to fabricate a film, I say no,” said Cherche. – Very difficult to fabricate a real movie. This requires technical knowledge and special equipment. This is a very expensive operation.

Alan Davie, one of the most famous operators of Hollywood, believed quite the contrary: the film is fake. The main argument was that the operator does not focus the image. In his opinion, he did it on purpose. After all, if it is a military operator, it must be well focused. With it categorically do not agree Ron Maguire, who worked in 40-ies of the military operator. He believed that loss of focus comes from the camera, which filmed. Cameras that the military operators were used in those days, was mostly a camera company Bell & Howell, and they had a bad focus.

Allan Davie cited other arguments: bad camera angles. Sometimes the frame is nothing but the back of the doctor. The operator is constantly in motion, but the audience still sees nothing. According to Davio was made by an Amateur.

Ron Maguire also believed that the operator is kept moving so as not to interfere with the surgeons, who were also kept moving. And guess where they move once again, quite difficult. And in General, the task of the military operator – only record events, not to think about the beauty of the frame. In his opinion, it was a good camera work.

Roderick Ryan confirmed that he really was trying not to interfere with the surgeons, and the camera was very difficult, and surgeons should not have her distract you. And in fact it was the camera company Bell & Howell.

Paul du Cherche also believed that the film was authentic: “what we see gives the impression that it was real. And the body like a real body. I think this is a unique film.”

Yes, the question was whether an alien body the real body or just a hoax, was very serious. In order to know it, ray Santilli showed tracks leading pathologists of the world.

Cyril of Wact made not less than forty thousand autopsies, believed that this is not a man, but not a fake. C. M. Milroy, the pathologist at the University of Sheffield in England, believed that anatomically this creature slightly resemble human. And six toes on the hands and feet is not normal in humans, it does not happen. But a known disease polydactyly – mnogopartiinosti is a genetic disorder. It’s very rare, but occurs. Draws attention to the fact that the creature shows no sexual characteristics. Maybe it is being female? But no secondary female sexual characteristics here either. Like the woman with the syndrome of Taurus. It occurs in about one woman out of forty thousand. It is difficult to find the corpse of the man who had so many abnormalities at once – including an unusual shaped head, huge eyes and small growth.

Both experts came to the unequivocal conclusion that the autopsy clearly did not actors, and professionals, if not the pathologists, the surgeons, who are often engaged in the autopsies. Shot in film, people clearly know what and how to do it. With regard to tools, and it fit the era. For example, a rectangular tray, on which instruments were used for a very long time. Now these things are difficult to meet.

However, C. M. Milroy, the question arose: if it is indeed an alien, why they had been there only two hours? Perhaps an autopsy should be conducted in the weeks, months, or even years, if it’s a real alien. But who knows how much time the doctors took the military?

Another doubt: why the body is in such good condition? If the alien is killed when the collision occurred of a flying saucer with the ground, the body should be much more disfigured. This alien is mutilated only one thigh. Maybe it’s a consequence of the accident, and radiation experiment that failed? This at least explains why the firing dressed in protective suits. Moreover, Roswell, where the body was found near a secret nuclear testing ground. Maybe it’s actually the alien that was still alive when they found him?

Internally, the structure was clearly visible in the film, is clearly not consistent with human. Are seen the liver, instead of some undefined mass. The brain extracted from the skull, is also quite similar to human. No color or tone – the film is black-and-white or in outline. Cyril of WACC stated quite clearly: “It’s not human. But what is it? I could say that it is humanoid. I can’t say an alien or not, but the fact that he’s not human, that’s for sure. Did he come from another planet – I don’t know, but it is not a member of the human race as we are. Of course, it is difficult to prove that this body made of flesh and blood – this could be a creature created by man. But why should the mannequin is bleeding?”

In order to determine whether a movie is a trick, he turned to Stan Winston, the man who created dinosaurs and other creatures in the movie “Jurassic Park”. On the screen they were alive.

“My first reaction when I saw the footage – admitted Stan Winston was the following: no, it’s not real, it’s a body that someone created artificially. But then began the autopsy. They cut the body, cut it – and you know how hard it is, we, the masters of special effects, truly simulate the eyes, the skin… If it really wasn’t real, I would be very proud if I managed to create such an image on the screen. Skin looks quite naturally, it looks very dry, everything inside is damp – almost everywhere. We would never do that. It’s too hard”.

Yes, in contemporary cinema, said the experts, you can use materials like silicone, which gives stunning effects, but if everything else is present and the film actually made a long time ago, then it was not silicone. And now access to silicone materials virtually no, it only exists for expensive Hollywood blockbuster, or paying crazy money. Whether this movie kind of money? What was the purpose of its creators, if it is fake?

Talking about “operation majestic-12” and the film by ray Santilli, it is impossible not to mention another movie “alien Autopsy”, which was shot in Germany in 2006. The essence of the story told in the film: in 1995, two friends going to San Diego, one of them meets a strange old man, allegedly filmed the alien autopsy in 1947. Friends to buy the tape for money from a dangerous gangster, but because of the heat, the tape melted. To meet the expectations of the gangster and the money spent and not to get into trouble, friends are hesitant to repeat everything that was on the tape the old man. Make decorations, create the alien, and shoot old camera. Then they decide to earn some money on their lies, and eventually become a world famous people. Though fame and was one of the most false and deceitful. Filmed in the style of narration the characters themselves, which ten years later documentary telling his amazing story.

Someone described the film as a funny joke, like a prank of the century, but anyone believe that’s actually the story was exactly this: the movie 1947 – the falsification. And for what reasons it was made — whether the film is melted and re-create the actually existing original, or was originally created fake a – in 1947 or later, the viewer would not understand. As a classic: whether you stole, whether you stole, still the damage was done. The main thing – to inform to consciousness of the masses in any way: the film is fake. What we have done.

That only raises the question: are the people, the heroes of the film, ray Santilli, experts, operators, pathologists – so they were all blind fools? Are unable to distinguish real shots from the inept styling of some of two young scapegrace? Most likely, the reason is the continuing veil of secrecy, which the world powers continue to hold on all the known cases of visiting our planet from outer Space.

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