Mechanical hand, Goetz von berlichingen

Mechanical prosthesis Goetz von berlichingen lived in 16th century Germany, is an example of the truth of the great works of the mechanical miracle of technology created by an unknown master.

the history of appearance of this miracle is, in 1504, during the siege of the South German city Landshut in the sword held in his hand Mr. götz von berlichingen got a Cannonball in the result of a crushing blow, the sword slipped from his hands and describing an arc cut off Gecu right hand.

left without a right hand, gets lost the opportunity to take part in the fighting, but disabled he did not want to be and appealed for help to the unknown master who first made him a simple iron hand did not have any mechanical functions.




Von Getz never stopped looking for the real masters and in a few years he was able to find this. The wizard created a real work of mechanical art – functional mechanical hand. An iron hand came up to the forearm and held the arm with leather straps.

The mechanical arm was equipped with joints that allow hold a gun right hand. Using a real left hand, the götz von berlichingen was able to change the position of the iron fingers on his right hand for different activities to keep the sword, the pen or reins of the horse.

On the inner side of the palm located spring mechanisms that block the fingers in the desired position via the gear mechanism.

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