Megaliths of Cypress Hills Park in Canada

In Canada, on the border of two provinces, there is an inter-provincial park “Cypress Hills” (English “Cypress Hills”). Geographically, this hilly region is located in the southwest of Saskatchewan and Southeast Alberta.

The hills are not real mountains, but the remains of Tertiary sedimentary rocks. They formed during the initial rise of the rocky mountains. This was due to the rise of part of the plain over which the hills now rise.

Little is known about the “megaliths” of this region. The property is located in a private area, therefore a permit is required to visit it.

Externally, the site of stones is a bit like a fragment of a Roman road.

The origin of the site is unclear. In addition to this site, all nearby hills are made of gravel. The simplest explanation for this may be the outcropping of the sedimentary layer. On detailed examination, the stones are layered. However, it still remains a mystery: was there someone who laid out these “megaliths” for some purpose, or was nature itself able to create it (and so block-wise)?

The author of these photographs was filming with a quadcopter.

Here is a translation of his words:

“Is this a natural geological formation? Did a man do it? Aliens? Or someone else at all? You decide.

I started taking shots of the rocks when the battery in my quadcopter was fully charged and the charge almost immediately dropped to a minimum. I assumed it was some kind of glitch, but the drone started to come back to me, as it should, if its battery is critically discharged. I planted it, the battery was practically at zero.

Electro-magnetic radiation, a place of power with a different physics, or something else that discharged the battery? This often happens in the mountains and underground. ”

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