Middle Ages: time before cataclysms?

The Middle Ages is one of the most mysterious periods in the history of mankind. But what does this word really mean and what events caused it to appear?

The origins of the term “Middle Ages” can be found in Latin. In 1469, the phrase “media tempestas” was mentioned, which can be translated as “time of storms, cataclysms.” In 1595, another designation for this period appeared – “media antiquitas”, which referred to the time from the 13th to the middle of the 15th century.

But what happened during this period that led to such unpleasant designations?

It turns out that the Middle Ages was a time of great changes in the Earth’s climate. In historical sources, you can find information that the earth was shaken by global cataclysms. For example, in the 14th century, due to constant storms and storms, navigation in the Atlantic ceased, which led to serious economic losses for countries dependent on sea trade.

To protect themselves from floods and other natural disasters, people began to massively build dams and dams. In Holland, famous dams were built, and in Moscow, archaeologists excavating discovered a four-tier dam near the Borovitskaya tower of the Kremlin. In northern Germany, traces of the “Dunkirk transgression” can still be seen – forests and villages covered with silt. Pope Gregory 13 decided to consider the year 1492 zero. And his calendar was born, replacing all the lunar ones.

Can you imagine the scale of the floods that swept almost the entire planet?

The Middle Ages was also a time of great social and political change. During this period, monarchies arose, which began to replace the feudal states. Church reforms were carried out, which led to the emergence of Protestantism.

The Middle Ages is a period of great change, which had a huge impact on the development of mankind. It was the time before the cataclysms, but also the time of new opportunities and achievements.

Middle Ages – the time before the cataclysms. This is a literal translation of the word “Middle Ages”. This word marks a period in human history when everything changed dramatically and the era of global changes on the planet began – the Time of Cataclysms.

There remains only one simple question – what or who caused these global cataclysms and why does official history try not to mention it? Scientists simply ridicule the theory of a “mud flood”, although even taking into account the careful rewriting of history over the past centuries, there are a lot of facts proving that this theory did not arise from scratch.

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