Mount Athos: the place where Alexander the Great’s giant colossus was to emerge

Alexander the Great is a legendary figure of world history, whose name has become a symbol of greatness and genius. However, despite the fact that we know a lot about him, his mysteries and riddles still attract the attention of researchers. One of such mysteries is the project of a grandiose sculpture that Alexander the Great planned to create on Mount Athos.

The idea of creating a colossal sculpture arose at Alexander the Great thanks to his architect Dinocrates. The sculpture was supposed to depict a seated Greek warrior with incredible size. The main feature of this sculpture was that it was to be carved from Mount Athos, which is 2,033 meters high. The commander proposed that the mountain be hewn on all sides so that it would become a huge sculpture.

In the left hand of the warrior was to be a whole city with a population of 10 thousand people, and in the right – a colossal in its size dish man-made mountain lake, which would collect the waters of the rivers flowing from the mountain. Under the right arm of the warrior-giant it was supposed to place another city with the same population. Alexander the Great considered this architectural and sculptural plan “worthy of his greatness”.

However, despite the grandiosity of the idea, the project was never realized. There are different versions of why this happened. One of them is that Alexander the Great died before realizing his plan. Another version says that the project was too complex and expensive for the time.

However, despite the fact that the project was not realized, it is still of interest to researchers. Many believe that if the colossus had been created, it would have surpassed the size of the famous “Martian Sphinx”. In addition, this project opens new horizons for studying the creative potential of Alexander the Great.

But who was this man, whose identity still remains a mystery to many researchers? Alexander the Great is not only a brilliant military leader, but also a great politician, strategist, builder, orator, traveler and research scientist. He was initiated into ancient secret cults that possessed hidden areas of knowledge. His life was full of riddles and mysteries, and this personality still attracts the attention of scholars and researchers.

The story of the creation of a colossal sculpture on Mount Athos is just one of the mysteries associated with Alexander the Great. His life and activities still cause interest and questions among researchers. But one thing is for sure – Alexander the Great was a unique personality who left his mark in the history of mankind.

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