Mountain Rtanj: “the navel of the Earth”

Part of the Carpatho-Balkan mountain arc, mount Rtanj height of about 1565 m is also called “Serbian pyramid”. Its highest peak is a pyramidal peak Siljak (SEAC) of karst origin.

It is believed that the mountain has healing powers. According to legend, Roman Legionnaires came here for the healing received in battle wounds. Another legend explains the mystique of Rtni the fact that here once stood the castle of the wizard and his treasure, books and potions are still hidden somewhere deep in the mountains.

Science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke called the mountain Rtanj “navel of the Earth” (the navel of the world) that holds some kind of special energy. In 2012, when many expected the end of the world, Rtanj was one of the places where the supporters of this idea planned to go for “salvation”.

Another attraction of the mountain Rtanj — mountain savory (“stanski tea”): this plant has medicinal properties and is an aphrodisiac.

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Prem Kumari

who can confirm that Rtanj is the navel of the Earth. I can write that it is not.. who can prove I am not right.. These are just hypothesis..unfortunately 😉

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