Mysteries and riddles of ancient buildings of Crimea: from pyramids to megaliths

Crimea, a peninsula rich not only in beautiful landscapes and historical sights, but also in mysteries of ancient structures. Here are preserved fragments of ancient structures that are as high as the tombs of pharaohs. However, not all of them have material evidence of their existence.

One of these mysteries are “underground pyramids” in the Sevastopol area. For 12 years, a search group of enthusiasts has been looking for material evidence of this discovery, but so far without success. Large-scale excavations and the involvement of excavators have not helped to get to the truth. Instead of the promised stone faces, there is only a giant excavation pit. Some scientists believe that this is just a trick of balagan fraudsters.

However, there are other mysteries and mysteries of the Crimea. Researchers of the mysteries of the peninsula claim that the story with the pyramids has its own background. Among the real pyramids, which can be seen with the naked eye, is the Golden Mound in Kerch. It is a megalithic construction with polygonal masonry consisting of huge, clearly fitted to each other hewn stones of irregular shape. Researchers of the XVIII-XIX centuries left schemes of the original form of this structure, noting that there were many such pyramids.

Not only in Kerch can be found pyramidal mounds. They are also present in other areas of Crimea, such as the village of Partizanskoye in Simferopol district and the foot of Mount Boyko in Bakhchisaray district.

Crimea is a true land of giants, where ancient structures of various shapes and sizes have been preserved. Dolmens, cromlechs, menhirs and stone boxes of the legendary Taurians, walls of height blocking mountain passes, huge canals – all this testifies to the fact that Crimea was a country of megaliths a century and a half ago.

Crimean historian and archaeologist Alexander Gertsen believes that these ancient structures are unique and have great historical significance. He notes that Crimea was a place where different cultures and civilizations converged, and these structures are evidence of this.

Some scientists also believe that the ancient structures of the Crimea may be associated with ancient astronomical observations and religious rituals. However, there is still no unambiguous answer to the question of the origin and purpose of these structures.

The mysteries and riddles of the ancient structures of the Crimea continue to attract the attention of researchers and tourists from all over the world. They are not only a source of interest, but also the subject of scientific research. Uncovering these mysteries can shed light on the ancient history of the peninsula and change our understanding of the past.

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