Mysteries of the chegemsky gorge

Not long ago the Armavir branch of the Russian geographical society(RGS),visited the Republic of the Northern Caucasus,Kabardino-Balkaria with the research purpose.This time we were interested in Chegem waterfalls and Verhnetoemsky burial grounds in the Chegem gorge.
The beauty of the Chegem waterfalls can be admired forever! Them alluring and attractive nature leaves no one indifferent.

So when we leave this place,definitely wants to be back.Here as in a fairy tale,everything is beautiful and attractive.

The most impressive structures of the Upper Chegem-ground crypts located on an ancient burial ground immediately behind the village Eltyubyu.

They stacked stone,have both a quadrangular shape or in the form of an octagonal cone.It is a kind of City of the dead,has long attracted the attention of scientists.Monuments phagocyte studied,is described.

“External examination Verhnekamskogo burial gives an opportunity to detect seven types of graves:

1.earthen mound,surrounded at the edges with stones.

2.the stone embankment.

3.a stone box,built of gladkoplodnye stones inside and covered with stones.That is the same stone mound,but with fortified walls.

4.cemented stone box with a steeply pitched roof – the interior of a box filled with stones.This tomb differs from the previous only in that it better protected from destruction.

5.grave with the same box as the previous,differing from it by the fact that,first,inside it is empty and second has a small square window on the East side.That is, it is a small tomb,as if echoing him, the external forms of cemented stone embankment.

6.a large rectangular tomb(Cesena)with a high gable roof and a window on the East side

7.the large octagonal tomb with a pyramid(also octagonal)high roof that opens up in a cone”. So in particular describes L. I. Lavrov in his visit to the Republic in 1936, the city of the dead,and twenty years later Timur shahani found only eight of the eleven tombs.When we arrived in the town of the dead Altube,I counted seven keshena that have been preserved,many of them were in a ruined or dilapidated condition. And what will happen with time,no one knows.

Regarding the fact,according to local historian local historian Victor N. Kotlyarova,when it was built verhnetoemsky mausoleums,scientists today have not come to a consensus.In General, it was accepted that to build their began no earlier than the 13th century, and built until the 18th century.

“The city of the dead”,as they called these burials,a favorite place of tourists coming to the Chegem gorge.Most of them are sure that this area is associated with many legends,mysterious stories and unusual facts.And they are right.Take, for example, such:during the excavations which were carried out from the outside of the tombs were found skeletons unprecedented for those times the sizes of two meters and even more.The question is:who,even in death,guarded by the giants?

And finally I want to say a few words about the village Eltyubyu,posolku there’s been a variety of myths,legends and rumors.At the time, the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets”published a sensational article called “the Nest of eternal youth”which stated: “Balkar Altube Alpine village-a village mystery.We drove to the village-and the clock or begin to fall behind,or even ostanavlivayutsya.

Contrary to the laws of physics mineral water,put up for the night in the cold,does not freeze until the bottle not shake.Milk and meat even in the summer heat for a long time are fresh.Hut,erected several centuries ago,does not need repair.A third of the residents in the village over hundred years.Women,50 years mothers,Altube not uncommon.Lambs and yaks brought from Altube,use different good health and fertility.An explanation of the reasons for such unusual phenomena scientists see that the village is closely surrounded by rocks,is the base of the pyramid,the tip of which are the mountain tops.And the faces of the rocks are strictly oriented to the cardinal points,one of them is exactly on the Polar star.”

I want to notice that the expedition of the Armavir branch of the PRO things are not faces,but when we asked the locals about the demonstration in their village of these things,they laughed at us and almost with amazement and said that it’s all true.Based on this,confirm or deny all of the above can’t yet.We need a new research trip in the Chegem gorge.

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