Mysterious reincarnation: how a British woman proved she lived in ancient Egypt

It has always been interesting to imagine what happens after death. Do people believe in the transmigration of souls? And if so, is it possible to remember one’s past life? One woman from Britain, Dorothy Adie, claimed to have lived in ancient Egypt. And her story is both surprising and interesting.

Dorothy Edy was born in 1904 in London and already in her early childhood she showed strange peculiarities. At the age of three, she fell down the stairs and, according to the family doctor, died. However, an hour later she was resurrected, but with a completely different personality. She spoke English with an accent and strange expressions, and expressed a desire to return home to Ancient Egypt.

When Dorothy visited the British Museum at the age of four, she saw the sculptures of Ancient Egypt for the first time and it was as if she had come to life. She hugged the statues and kissed their feet, claiming that they were her people and her people. The girl even recognized the monuments and artifacts in the rooms of the Egyptian collection. It was like a homecoming for her.

At the age of 15, Dorothy described her first dream encounter with the mummy of Pharaoh Seti I. She claimed that this dream helped her remember her past life. As time went on, she became increasingly interested in ancient Egyptian religion and became more distant from her family.

Finally, in 1931, Dorothy married an Egyptian man, Eman Abdel Meguid, and moved to Egypt. She became an English teacher and her visions became even more intense. She claimed that in a past life her name was Bentreshit, which means “harp of joy.” She said that she was born into a family of a soldier and a vegetable seller and was given to a temple for upbringing. There she was offered to either leave the temple or become a priestess, and she chose the second option. She became a novice in the temple and even became the mistress of Pharaoh Seti I. However, to save him from public humiliation, she committed suicide.

Incredible knowledge

Dorothy Edie was an ordinary British woman, but she had an extraordinary knowledge of Ancient Egypt, with which she amazed experts. Her knowledge was so profound that the Egyptians recognized the fact of her reincarnation and gave her a new name, Omm Seti, which meant “mother of Seti.” Dorothy already had a son whom she named after the Pharaoh. Her husband could not accept Dorothy’s strange visions and they divorced. After that, Dorothy devoted her life to the study of Ancient Egypt and became a valuable expert in the field.

Her knowledge attracted the attention of the chief inspector of the Department of Antiquities, who decided to check their credibility. Dorothy was asked to identify artifacts from the Temple of Seti I by feel, in total darkness. She was able to accurately describe the drawings and decorative objects, which amazed everyone present. Thanks to her visions, archaeologists were able to find the ancient garden she had described already 50 years ago.

The scientists were shocked. They could not explain how Dorothy knew all this if she had not read books or studied Ancient Egypt. She accurately described the prayers and rituals in the temple, and thanks to her stories it was possible to restore the original appearance of bas-reliefs and monuments. Dorothy knew the plots of ancient Egyptian papyri by heart. Her words began to be taken seriously by researchers. Her cooperation contributed to the success of excavations and new archaeological discoveries.

Dorothy published several books and became an expert in the scientific papers of other researchers. Her stories of life and death during the time of Seti I touched many hearts. Many discoveries were made because of her. One of the most significant discoveries was made by researchers led by Otto Schaden when they discovered tomb KV63 in the Valley of the Kings, which was located next to Tutankhamun’s crypt and contained the remains of women from the 18th Dynasty.

When Dorothy retired, her son suggested she move with him to Kuwait, but she declined. She wanted to die in Egypt, next to “her” temple. Dorothy died at the age of 81 and was buried in the Coptic cemetery in Abydos.

Dorothy Edy left an incredible legacy to the scientific world. Her knowledge and discoveries have helped expand our understanding of ancient Egypt and its culture. Her story makes us wonder about the capabilities of the human mind and its connection to past lives.

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