Mysterious traces of past disasters: evidence of atomic explosions in antiquity

Our world is full of riddles and mysteries that still arouse the interest of researchers from all over the world. One of such mysteries are melted pieces of glass found in different parts of the planet. These glass fragments may be evidence of multiple atomic explosions that took place thousands of years ago. Ancient Hindu texts describe a global catastrophe caused by “unknown weapons that melted even iron.” We may be facing evidence of these ancient legends.

One area where these mysterious pieces of glass can be found is the Libyan desert. In an area of 10 square kilometers on the border of Egypt and Libya, glass fragments can be found that were formed around 26-28 million years ago. For a long time it was believed that this glass was formed by the fall of meteorites and the subsequent melting of sand. However, not all scientists agree with this hypothesis.

Engineer Albion W. Hart of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology conducted research and concluded that the pieces of glass found in the Libyan desert are very similar to those from the nuclear tests in Alamogordo, New Mexico, USA. This supports the theory of possible atomic explosions in ancient times.

In addition, the glass in the Libyan desert has a high degree of transparency and purity (99%), which is not typical of meteorite formations. This also raises doubts that the glass was formed by a meteorite fall.

Molten pieces of glass can be found not only in the Libyan Desert, but also in other parts of the world. For example, in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia and in Lop Nor in China, huge areas of fused silica glass have been found that formed millions of years ago. Analysis of samples of this glass rules out the possibility of its formation as a result of modern nuclear testing.

It is also worth noting that more than 70 ancient forts in Scotland have melted walls where the stone has melted into glass after intense heating. Some of these forts can be found at Hill-O-Not, Dun Mac Sniechan and other places. This is further evidence that atomic explosions could have occurred in ancient times.

Ancient extant sources tell of a “war of the gods” that utilized flying machines capable of bombarding cities and forts. These aliens, whom earthlings considered gods, used unknown weapons capable of melting even iron. Perhaps all of these quartz glass finds are actual confirmation of these ancient legends.

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