Mystery Scottish Cochno stone

Archaeologists intend to fully clear the land Cochno stone, copy its strange drawings, in order to disseminate them among colleagues and thus to connect to the mystery as much as possible scientists. Suddenly the joint efforts will result.

Stone Kochno was discovered in 1887. Dug his archaeologist James Harvey in Scotland on one of the farms located near the town of Clydebank in West Dunbartonshire.

The discovery became a sensation and a place of pilgrimage. And no wonder: on a stone slab measuring 18 by 9 metres was located about a hundred symbols, spirals, dots, circles, semicircles. Someone struck them. At least 5 thousand years ago.

The scientists immediately broke a head, trying to understand the meaning and purpose of drawings. They gave them white paint, getting a full and clear picture. But by 1965 still did not understand. Just assumed that plate was used in some ritual purposes. Or it depicts a map of the area – whether nearby, or some other.









In 1965 the plate was buried to preserve it for posterity. Because British gentlemen and ladies who came to gawk at the mysterious Stone Kochno, began to Supplement the ancient arts modern – such as “John and Mary were here”.

Descendants began again to open the plate last year – revealed a small stripe on the sample. And now as part of a major research project, The Cochno Stone project, run by archaeologists from the University of Glasgow Archaeology Department with the support of the Foundation Factum Foundation for Digital Technology they intend to expose the whole stone to carefully copy all the pictures and make up a 3D copy of the artifact.

Information about the excavations rekindled interest in the Cochno Stone. And the first responded ufologists who suggested that the stove really is a map – not location, and stellar. Because some characters are very similar to the schematic images of the stars with the orbits of the planets around them.

Who played? Probably the aliens, who for some reason left on Earth. Maybe the accident suffered. But decided to leave information about themselves – in the form of maps. It is not excluded that it indicates where to find the alien planet.

By the way, in addition to the characters on the plate image has a foot with four toes. On our planet, four-fingered humanoids are not found.

And again, Cochno Stone is a contemporary of Stonehenge – megalithic structures in the South of England, the purpose of which is not less mysterious. Who knows, maybe they’re both from the same place? Four-fingered hands.

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