“Nike in the 17th century: the brand logo in the paintings of old masters

Time travel is a topic that has always attracted people’s attention. Despite the fact that it has been scientifically proven that travel to the future and the past is impossible, from time to time there are people who claim otherwise. Artifacts and discoveries that look like they are from today, but date back centuries ago, only fuel interest in the topic.

In the National Gallery in London, for example, an unusual “proof” of temporal intersections was discovered. The portrait, painted by the Dutch artist Ferdinand Bol in 1650, shows a boy of about eight years old holding a goblet of wine. Presumably it is Frederik Sleisken, the third cousin of the artist’s wife and the son of a wealthy wine merchant.

What caught the attention of museum visitors, however, was the child’s shoes. The pattern on his shoe is painfully reminiscent of the Nike logo. And the shoes themselves look suspiciously like athletic shoes. But how is this possible, if the picture was painted three centuries before the first pair of Nike sneakers appeared?

The Nike logo was created by designer Carolyn Davidson in 1971. According to the official version, the “tick” came about by accident, when the designer irritably scribbled on a sheet of paper, not finding a suitable sketch.

In any case, finds of this kind will always catch people’s attention and spark interest in the topic of time travel. Who knows, maybe in the future we will find even more such “evidence” of the intersection of time lines.

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