Noah’s Ark was shaped like a pyramid

In the text of the Dead sea scrolls, scholars found a description of Noah’s ark and was surprised that he describes a very different way than was presented. In the text that is 2000 years old, described that the ark had the shape of a pyramid.

50 years a Bedouin shepherd threw a stone into a cave and heard a stone hit in the crock and broke it. Thus was discovered the Dead sea Scrolls. In the scrolls were 800 ancient manuscripts. More than 200 of them, were copies of the text of the Hebrew Bible.

Since then, in the laboratory of the Israel antiquities authority were scanned tens of thousands of fragments of scrolls and sophisticated technology has allowed scientists to read, even illegible letters and words.

A new interpretation of the fragments has changed our view of Noah’s ark. By scanning became clear to illegible words after the phrase “at the top of the ark. New scanned images showed that they are followed by the word “collected”. This means that the ribs of the ark were gathered together in the upper part in the shape of a pyramid, ” says one of the researchers of the scrolls Alex Yuditskii.

Hard to call the sensation this discovery scientists, rather they simply confirmed what was known before, but just not recognized by science. That Noah’s ark had the shape of a pyramid was also mentioned in other historical sources, as well as in the paintings of the ancient artists, the Ark is portrayed with a pyramid. For example, in the Florentine baptistery, work of Lorenzo Ghiberti, who lived from 1370-1455гг.

Noah after the flood. 1425-52. Lorenzo Ghiberti. East gate. The Baptistery, Florence. Bronze.

The fact that this is Noah’s ark there’s no doubt you can clearly see how out of it people and animals. The base of the pyramid-the ark covered with sand, and the walls are smooth. Know yet what is interesting is that in the Arabic sources of the 12th century tells that the pyramids were built by king Surecom order to survive the flood. Anyone interested can read this version I read here. The version is interesting because it describes the Egyptian pyramids are not just tombs for the pharaohs, and how structures are created, that would have saved them from the flood.

But back to the work of Ghiberti. On the gates of a few scenes, but we see the scene with Noah and his Ark.

Here’s how describes what is shown in the fragment of the gate from the book of Giorgio Vasari “biographies of the most famous painters, sculptors and architects”, Chapter “the Biography of Lorenzo Ghiberti, the Florentine sculptor:

“In the third panel Lorenzo depicted as Noah exits the ark with his wife, sons, daughters and daughter-in-laws, and take off together all the animals like birds and ground, and each in its kind is made with the greatest perfection, available art, the ark is open, and in the future to the very flat relief, the corpses of drowned men, all executed with such finesse that is hard to narrate, not to mention the fact that nothing is more alive and rolling, as the figure of Noah and his family and can not be.

When he sacrifices, we see a rainbow – the sign of reconciliation of God with Noah. But beyond anything else, that scene where he puts the grapes, and drunk with wine, seems a shame the owl, and ham, his son, dare mock him. And truly it is better to portray a drunk is impossible, and we see the intoxicated, exhausted body and respect and love in two of his other sons, who with the beautiful movements of his cover”.

Course description this is oddly enough, does not correspond to what is depicted. For example, the corpse of a drowned man has only one, while the Vasari are talking about “corpses” and it is located in front coming out of the ark with the people, whereas according to the description should be on. No rainbow in the scene of the sacrifice of Noah are seen. It is not quite clear what’s going on in the foreground. I have the feeling that two sons of Noah had just pulled off his blanket, not hiding him.

Little things, most interestingly, could Ghiberti to know that Arab authors the role of the pyramids and the ark is similar – the salvation of mankind from the deluge, and where he could learn about the correct proportions of the pyramid. His contemporaries of these proportions did not know the pyramids then depicted as:


16-the age

The 17th-century

Note the distorted aspect ratio and the distortion all the pyramids up.

More or less the shape of pyramids with some distortion comes back to normal only in the 18th century after Napoleon’s invasion of Egypt. And even here the proportions are heavily distorted and right of the pyramid began to appear only at the end of the 19th century. So how could know the correct proportions of Ghiberti?

By the way another ark, the pyramid can be seen in the fresco work of a contemporary of Ghiberti, Paolo Ucello in TS. Santa Maria Novella:

Paolo Ucello. The Sacrifice Of Noah. The Intoxication Of Noah.

There is another mural, depicting the construction of Noah’s ark. Here the ark is also depicted in the form of a pyramid.

Paolo Ucello. The Construction Of Noah’s Ark.

All of this is interesting, just think what discoveries it promises, if we imagine that the pyramids are the ark. And the ark in General was not necessarily created to swim…

“Noah with his family in the ark.” Miniature from French manuscript of the beginning of the FIFTEENTH century

We are all accustomed to thinking of the Ark, namely, the ship. According to the Bible, instructions on building the ark Noah had received from the Almighty: “Make for yourself an ark of gopher wood; rooms shalt ark, and in asmali it with pitch inside and out, and thou shalt make it of: the length of the ark 300 cubits, its width 50 cubits and its height 30 cubits. Make a hole in the ark, and the elbow to get it at the top, and the door to the ark side do it, make it lower, second, and third housing…”

But where is the guarantee that the text of the Bible one carefully tweaked in the right direction? Maybe the manual was more complicated and contained guidance on the construction of the pyramid, able to withstand a worldwide flood? But even in the available now lyrics, enough information to indicate that the Ark was just a pyramid!

The biblical texts describe in detail the life of Noah, his wife and three sons with their wives inside the ark. Since one part was in the ark, the animals led fluorescent, and the other nocturnal, in time to feed them, the family of Noah had the whole year to do, almost without sleep, but the strange thing is – they hardly felt the fatigue.

One day, Noah was feeding the lion. The beast flew into a rage and stabbed Noah in the leg so that he had until the end of his life remained crippled. But in General for life in the ark even the predators lost their usual aggressiveness and were well to get along with the herbivores.

The food in the ark, not spoiled, and all seedlings and seeds of the plants remained fresh. You know? The explanation for these miracles to be found in the form of the ark of the pyramid!

Numerous experiments by putting people, animals and plants in the space of a pyramid shape confirm that inside the pyramid, time flows “as something else”, the man begins to require much less hours to sleep. However, he feels unusually cheerful, clear thinking, and is in a balanced mood. Seeds placed in the pyramid that can be stored for an unusually long time without other special conditions.

But in the instructions given by God to Noah the dimensions of the ark are too small to accommodate a pair of every creature tell you, and do you know that according to ancient texts, there is mention of the fact that Noah’s ark was inside much more than outside. It helped Noah to put a huge number of animal species. In addition to Noah’s Ark, the miracles with the space observed in another unique attraction of the ancient times – the First Jerusalem temple.

Of course questions arise more than at the moment there are answers, but I hope that gave you an interesting ground for reflection…

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Who painted the first picture of Noah on this page? I want a canvas print of it. Thanks.

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