On the shore of lake Baikal found ancient skeletons of “Romeo and Juliet”

Russian archaeologists have discovered on the shore of lake Baikal the twin burial of men and women. The burial was also found artifacts from rare white jade. Scientists estimate the age of the remains of 5000 years.

Researchers found the burial this summer on a promontory of the Small sea Strait, which form the shore of lake Baikal and Olkhon island). Archaeologists suggest that the remains belong to an elderly man and his wife or concubine, representatives of the Glazkovo culture of the Bronze age, spread in the Baikal area 4800-4300 years ago.

In the orbit of the male skeleton, scientists have found a ring, made of white jade. Three rings lay on his chest. According to archaeologists, they could be associated with the ideas of ancient people about the afterlife. At the knees of the skeleton found a leather pouch with metal tools of unknown purpose.

On the skull and on the feet of men have been pendants from the teeth of musk deer. Apparently, pendants were decorated with a headdress and shoes. With the female skeleton was lying jade knife about 13 inches in length and seven inches in width.

The promontory overlooking the Baikal lake, where it was found burial, served as a place for burials and religious rituals since the Neolithic. “In the grave we found the skeletons of men and women, they lay on the back of the head to the West, holding hands,” says excavation Director Dmitry Kichigin from the National Research Irkutsk state Technical University.

To determine the exact age of the deceased, archaeologists sent bone samples to Canada for radiocarbon analysis. The scientists also want to analyze the DNA of the deceased couple to check whether they were relatives.

Glazkovskaya culture is archaeological culture of ancient Tungus tribes inhabiting in Baikal, the upper reaches of the rivers Angara and Lena. Representatives of the Glazkovo culture came to Siberia from the South and are considered the ancestors of modern Evenks, evens and Yukaghirs.

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