Peru found an ancient bone with a bird image

Archaeologists have discovered near Lima in Peru an animal’s bone with carved drawings. The age of the find is more than 3000 years.

The artifact resembles objects made by representatives of the Chavin culture.

The product was made from a rib. On it you can view the image of a bird of prey. Clearly visible are the eye, feathers, claws and beak. In the beak, the bird holds prey. Perhaps it’s a fish or a sloth. If it is a sloth, then the bird depicted on the bone is a harpy. The length of the bone is about 15 cm.

Excavations were conducted in the area of ​​the El Paraiso complex, located on the coast a few kilometers north of Lima. The complex El Paraiso includes several ancient temples, whose age is 3,7 thousand years. Bone was found among the stones left from the ancient buildings.

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