Portals to other worlds left ancient civilizations

In many ancient cultures legends about portals to other worlds or other Universes where there live “creators” of people remained. In our world it is considered to be that these “a star gate” only myths and legends, however they can contain a considerable element of truth.

Star gate – a construction by means of which it is possible to move to other Universes and galaxies. The name received popularity after a release of the fantastic movie of the same name.

Way to the earth of gods to Peru

In 1996 the Gate of gods was found in Peru around Puerto de Hau Mark by the guide José Luís Delgado Mamani. As locals speak, these gate served for pass to lands of gods.

In gate two apertures – one in the form of a square seven by seven meters, and with a second height of two meters. Legends claim that the big aperture – for gods, and is less – for regular mortal. Who ventured to pass through the Gate of gods, found immortality and began to live among gods.

One of legends says that when the Spanish conquistadors arrived to Peru in the 16th century and began to plunder riches of monks, one of priests by the name of Amar Maher ran from the temple with a precious gold disk – “A key of gods from seven beams”.

To Amar Maher found the Gate of gods and gave to their guards a disk. After that they performed a certain ritual, and the doorway opened – behind it there was a tunnel with bluish light. To Amar Maher entered gate and disappeared forever, having gone to the earth of gods.


Abu-Gorab’s temple in Memphis is built in the III millennium B.C. There is an ancient platform from alabaster which allegedly can “vibrate in unison with Earth”. It is capable to open to the person that he could communicate, be in private with “gods – high energies of the Universe” and to move to the sky.

It is interesting that these legends of communication between the worlds are similar to myths of Indians of Cherokee. The last tell that a certain shapeless conceiving beings can travel around “a sound wave” from system of Galaxies to Earth.

Design in Lake Michigan

In 2007 during search of remains of the sunk ships scientists found in Lake Michigan a stone structure at a depth of 12 meters. Opening is made by professor of underwater archeology of Michigan State University Mark of Halle and his colleague Brian Abbott.

They consider that to the construction similar to Stonehenge, about 9000 years. However on one of stones there is a carving in the form of a mastodon which died out more than 10 Ltd companies of years back. Some researchers consider that this construction is a remaining balance of star gate.


One of the most known archaeological monuments on Earth is Stonehenge in the County of Wiltshire. Most of historians are sure that it was created from the stones taken from the mine which is in 386 kilometers from Stonehenge about 5000 years ago.

Stonehenge is on crossing directly several leu lines – the imagined lines which connect the most unusual traces of last civilizations on Earth: pyramids, temples, etc. One of theories of a purpose of Stonehenge – that it is a star gate. And the strange incident which happened in these parts can confirm this theory.

In August, 1971 the whole company of hippie disappeared, probably, here in attempt “to activate” a star gate.

“Chasm well”

There is the well-known Sumer seal on which Ninurt’s god leaving a star gate is represented. On each side from it the shining columns are visible.

Other artifacts with the image of god can serve as the proof of existence of a star gate too. Ninurta carries something on a hand, reminding modern hours, and presses something, similar to the lock buttons.

Researchers consider that a star gate of Sumer gods stood on the Euphrates River in the territory of modern Iraq and is under ruins of the Mesopotamic city of Eridu which was destroyed still B.C.

Gate in Tiwanaku

According to many researchers, the Gate of the sun in Tiwanaku (Bolivia) is the portal to the earth of gods. It is considered that they are about 4000 years old. Local legends say that god of the sun of Virakocha chose this place to create human race.

Gate are cut out from one stone block and decorated with human figures in “rectangular helmets”. The upper code of an arch is topped with the image of god of the sun.

In spite of the fact that now gate are in vertical position when they were found by the European researchers in the middle of the 1800th years, lay on the earth.

Symbols on a stone from Ramansu’s park

Among boulders and caves of the park Ramansu Uyana (Sri Lanka) is available the star chart which is cut out on a big piece of a stone. Opposite to it there are stone seats.

As researchers speak, the characters cut on a stone is a code which opens a star gate and allows to travel from this world to other places of the Universe.

In many ancient Indian legends a star gate was described in the form of the rotating circles.


Abydos, the ancient city of Egypt, perhaps, one of the most interesting places in Egyptology. In particular, the temple of the Network I is known that in it there are images of the modern aircraft, and also something, very similar to the UFO.

Perhaps, the legend of how confidential cameras were found in Abydos is even more surprising. At the beginning of the 20th century the Englishwoman by the name of Dorothy Idi suddenly declared that she is reincarnation of the Egyptian country girl by the name of Bentreshut and was a secret mistress of the Pharaoh Seti. Idi went to Egypt to share the secrets with scientists.

Dorothy allegedly could read easily Ancient Egyptian texts and specified to archeologists where it is necessary to dig to find residuals of fine gardens and secret cameras. Dorothy often pressed on some stones in walls as though wanted to open a confidential door.

It is curious that in 2003 the military engineer Michael Shratt declared that in Abydos there is star gate, the U.S. Government knows about it, and a gate allegedly was even used for designated purpose.

To Gyobekli-Tepa

The temple in Gyobekli-Tep (Turkey) contains 12 thousand years. It is famous for stone poles in the form of a letter “T”, on each of which there is a thread in the form of animals, for example, of lions or sheep.

Some poles form something like gate. It is considered that it is residuals of a star gate which ancient people used as the portal to “the celestial world”.

Poles are very similar to the Gate of gods in Peru. It is interesting that Inca spoke about communication with people from a star cluster of the Pleiad which also has the T-shaped form.

Sedona curls

Sedona, town in Arizona (USA), was once sacred for Indian tribes. They say that red rocks of the desert which surround the city can create turbulences with a possibility of transfer of people to other world or measurement.

Indigenous Americans read that these breeds have a certain spiritual charge. Besides they claimed that in mountains nearby there is a Door of gods – the strange stone portal in other time and space.

Local legends state that once this door was found by three gold diggers. One of them passed through it and right there disappeared, and two others fled the scene.

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