Puma Punku: secrets of the ancient world revealed at an altitude of 4,000 meters

Puma Punku is a mysterious place located at an altitude of over four thousand meters near Lake Titicaca in Bolivia. Despite its uniqueness, it remains understudied and little known to most tourists who visit the area. Instead, they head to nearby Tiahuanaco to see the famous Sun Gate. However, Puma Punku hides many mysteries and secrets that have yet to be explained.

One of the most famous landmarks of Puma Punku is the Sun Gate. This gate, three meters high and four meters wide, consists of a single monolithic block. The central part of the gate depicts a god surrounded by forty-eight figures. Researcher Prof. Schindler-Bellamy concluded that these figures represent a lunar-earth calendar with a cycle of 21 thousand years. However, other researchers see them as a representation of some obscure technology. This is just one of the mysteries that await those who dare to explore Puma Punku.

One of the features of Puma Punku is that all of the rocky components of the area are skillfully crafted. What appears to be cast concrete is actually granite. In addition, a powerful block stands on its head, easily recognizable on the stairs. This testifies to the high level of craftsmanship and technical skill of the ancient builders.

Thirty years ago, there were separate monoliths at the site of Puma Punku. Excavations were done irregularly and at long intervals. However, even today there remain many unexplored artifacts and mysteries. For example, the side faces of the monoliths show deep furrows, which probably have some meaning. During the restoration work, these furrows were covered by an impressive wall, which raises additional questions and mysteries.

The southwest side of Tiahuanaco offers a panorama of a completely different world, Puma Punku. Many amazing artifacts and structures can be seen here. For example, already on the way to Puma Punku the traveler comes across a diorite block with rectangular holes, called “altar”. But what it was used for and how it relates to other Puma Punku artifacts is still a mystery.

Puma Punku is not only a place with mysteries, but also a place with majestic architecture. The largest platform of Puma Punku once had a side forty meters long and weighed a thousand tons. This impressive structure shows that the ancient inhabitants of this area were highly skilled in construction.

Puma Punku is a place that still raises questions and fascination. Its riddles and mysteries continue to attract scientists and researchers from all over the world. But despite all the research, many of these mysteries remain unsolved.

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