Scientists have created three-dimensional copies of mysterious neolithic balls

Scientists have created three-dimensional virtual copies of mysterious balls found in the north of Scotland, on the islands of Orkney, England, Ireland and Norway. The first balls were found more than 200 years ago. Artifacts made at the end of the Stone Age, amaze scientists with the quality of production.

Experts still can not understand how they could be made with the help of stone tools. To date, scientists know more than 500 similar items. They are all about the size of a baseball.

When creating virtual copies specialists found on the balls new details, including almost indistinguishable drawings.

There are several versions explaining the unusual appearance of the balls. Some researchers suggest that they could serve as a weapon. They could be attached to batons or used as shells for sling. Others believe that these were the weights for traders 5 thousand years ago. Some experts believe that the balls could be used to transport giant stones while building ancient monuments.

Three-dimensional copies of the beads were created on the basis of a collection in the National Museum of Scotland that includes 140 items found in Scotland and the Orkney Islands, as well as 60 casts of similar objects found elsewhere. Currently, 60 three-dimensional copies of the balls can be seen online.

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