Scientists have found an ancient manuscript with the secret teachings of Christ

American scientists found in the archives of the University of Oxford a manuscript, which is a copy of the secret revelations of Christ to the Apostle James.

The find is about 1500 years: the document was created in the V or VI century. It is written in Greek and is a copy of one of the texts of the Nag Hammadi library, a collection of ancient manuscripts found in 1945 in the village of Egypt.

Researchers believe that the manuscript was created by the Gnostics – representatives of one of the branches of Christianity. A similar document was written in Coptic, but the Greek copy was found for the first time.

In it are written the revelations of Christ to the apostle James, whom some sources consider his brother. In them Jesus tells the apostle James about the heavenly kingdom and the future. There is also a biblical account of Jesus’ life and ministry, his conversations with the apostle. Scientists note that the artifact is the full version of the revelations of Christ.

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