Scythian burial mounds

Near the city Shelkino in the territory of the 4th district is located Subplate mound and burial ground V-II centuries BC Examines pletovy tomb V-III centuries BC On the results of the archaeological explorations of 2015, conducted by the Institute of Archaeology of the Crimea, Russian Academy of Sciences (D. V. Beilin) here revealed a number of archaeological sites: the burial ground of shcholkine-3 mounds Country-1 and Country 2, settlement ShChelkino-1 and a number of single graves.

In 2016, news Agency Crimea RAS conducted archaeological research of these monuments. In potovyh burials burial shcholkine – 3 paired and group burial bosphore local Scythian population. Found iron acinaces, a bronze mirror, glass beads and arrowheads.Examines barrow of Scythian time Country -2. Currently there are 10 skeletons buried in a rectangular tomb, the folded from the processed stone.

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