Secrets of the fresco by Theophanes the Greek written in 1378

The Church of the Savior’s Transfiguration on Ilin Street is a temple in Veliky Novgorod, built in 1374 and famous for the fact that in it the frescoes of Feofan the Greek are preserved. The painting was made in 1378. I looked at these murals and on one of them depicting the appearance of the Holy Trinity to Abraham and the eyes immediately rushed round the Earth and the crescent of the Moon, and between them something very similar to a flying saucer.

Do not hurry laugh, look at this fresco more closely. About this song is officially reported as follows:

On the eastern altar wall of the chapel on top of an asymmetric surface, cut off by a semicylindrical vault, the Trinity phenomenon is shown to Abraham. Below him, the figure of one of the saints, depicted at the time of the divine service with unfolded scrolls, was preserved. The trinity is represented frontally. Angels sit symmetrically at the table. The average of them is markedly marked by scale and majestic pose. Abraham and Sarah were depicted below, offering food to the Guests. Only Sarah’s figure survived.

About the painting of the temple is mentioned in the Third Novgorod Chronicle: “In the summer of 6886 (1378 from the Nativity of Christ) the church of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was signed in the name of the Transfiguration of God by the order of the noble and God-loving boyar Vasily Danilovich and the streets of Ilyina. And the master Grechenin Feofan signed under the great reign of Dimitry Ivanovich and under Archbishop Aleksey Novgorod and Pskov ”

The whole composition immediately causes a feeling of some kind of discrepancy. The table is not at all like a table, it’s more like a heavenly dome that depicts space, under this dome in the center is an object quite unlike a plate, rather a flying saucer, rather than an ordinary plate in which a silhouette is seen. On the right side is the crescent moon, and the left is the round Earth.

However, I am confused by one circumstance, on the left on the object there is a sickle on the circle corresponding to the last quarter of the Moon, and on the right a sickle corresponding to the first quarter of the Moon, it turns out that the Earth should be in the center. The fresco apparently shows the connection of the phases of the moon with the circular motion around the Earth, but why? Why instead of the earth, a spaceship is painted, that’s the question …

If the Earth is on the left, then think about the fact that when Columbus went to discover America, only he believed that the Earth was round, all the rest were sure that it was flat and was then 1492, and our fresco was written in 1378.

I see that there is a message hidden in this mural, but I can not exactly understand which one. Maybe someone can solve her secret.

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