Sign of the All-Seeing Eye on the Egyptian pyramids

The pyramid with the eye depicted on it is one of the most mysterious symbols. It can be found both in ancient Egyptian sources and in quite modern ones. Such a long existence of the sign indicates that it is not a simple invention of an ancient artist.

The image of a pyramid with an eye is found in two versions. The classic Egyptian version is simply a pyramid with an eye on one side. But the second version has become more famous, in which its top hangs over the truncated pyramid, on which the eye is located. In this scheme, you can see a deep symbolic meaning: the top is separated from the base, it is on it that the all-seeing eye is present. The small upper part dominates the whole – it is this idea that dominates this image.

The symbolism of the pyramid with an eye is understandable, but where did this symbol come from and why does it exist in our time? Most often, this symbol is associated with the Freemasons, the sign of the all-seeing eye enclosed in a triangle is known among them as the “Radiant Delta”. It is believed that the Masons borrowed this symbol from Christianity, where the triangle means the Trinity, and the eye is the all-seeing eye of providence. But this symbol was found even before Christians, it was known in Egypt as the “Eye of Horus” (Hora, Ra). Nevertheless, despite the change of cultures, the symbolism of the sign as an all-seeing divine eye remains unchanged.

The easiest way would be to consider the presence of an eye in a triangle on the same US one-dollar bill as a symbol of Masons, but in reality everything turns out to be more complicated. There is an obvious difference between the “Radiant Delta” – the eye in the triangle – and the all-seeing eye above the truncated pyramid. That is why the second sign is often associated with one of the most mysterious and mysterious organizations – the Order of the Illuminati. Its members call the eye in the triangle the “Gnostic Eye of Lucifer” or the “Omniscient Eye”. The very same symbol is directly associated with the World Government – a group of people with great power who secretly rule the world and determine the ways of its development. Confirmation of this option can be found in the pyramid image on the US one dollar bill. At its base you can see the inscription MDCCLXXVI, which in Roman writing means 1776. It was in this year that the Order of the Illuminati was founded (this is also the year of the recognition of US independence).

An interesting symbolism has the number of levels of the pyramid. There are exactly 13 layers up to the cut off top, which symbolizes 13 times 13 years. This is 169 years, this is how long the Illuminati were preparing to seize power – from 1776 to 1945. This is followed by the gap between the truncated pyramid and its raised top, it is called the “Second Era”. This is 26 years, or twice 13 years. The beginning of the era is 1945, the end is 1975. Finally, the raised top of the pyramid with the eye depicted on it is called the “Third Era” and lasts 39 years, or three times 13 times. Its end is 2010 year. After this date, the power of the Illuminati becomes all-encompassing, no one in the world can any longer challenge the New World Order they are establishing. This very phrase – Novus ordo seclorum – is printed under the pyramid on the same US one-dollar bill.

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