The “Adam and Eve” theory: Every 6,500 years a global cataclysm hits the Earth

The “Adam and Eve” theory is that every 6,500 years a global cataclysm hits the Earth, caused by a change in its position.

This hypothesis was first voiced in the book “The Adam and Eve Story,” written by electrical engineer Chan Thomas in 1965. In this book, the author claimed that the Earth changes its position every 6,500 years, causing a global cataclysm for its inhabitants. All the ancient stories of the “Great Flood” were just a reflection of the catastrophe that occurred.

According to the theory of “Adam and Eve”, everything happens with a periodicity of 6500 years, when the next time the Earth suddenly makes a turn of 90 degrees and almost stops its rotation. Because of the sharp turn and stop all oceans will continue their movement and wipe out all life from the earth, flooding it with a giant tsunami. The sun will mercilessly fry one side of the stopped planet, dividing it into a side full of darkness and cold, and a side of hellish heat and unbearable sunlight.

It is possible to treat the details in the description of this theory in different ways, but if we reason logically, we cannot deny it at all. Quite a lot of historical sources and material evidence (geological and archaeological) indirectly confirm something like this. And global cataclysms occur not in an arbitrary order, but cyclically, and many research works have been written about it by famous scientists.

Of course, “official science” refuses to recognize such theories, citing a lack of “factual” evidence. If the Earth changed its position every 6500 years, it would be noticeable in the records and findings of archaeologists. In addition, magnetic field reversals occur every 200,000-300,000 years, but not every 6,500 years. How so, because there are records and archaeological evidence? Yes, there is, but they can – not to recognize, not to notice, refute, question, challenge and. science has many well-established methods for denying what it is told to deny.

By the way, in this connection, namely “6500 years”, there is an interesting associative connection with the cycles of the approaching planet about which the ancient Sumerians wrote. “The planet of the gods Nibiru” inhabited by a race of beings who in the last approach colonized the Earth and created a race of “miners”-humans, for the extraction of useful resources (mainly gold).

“This is complete nonsense. If it happened every 6,500 years, we would definitely see it; it would be in all the records,” assures Martin Mlynczak, senior scientist at NASA’s Langley Research Center. “The amount of energy required to do that is enormous. And you know, there’s nothing to trigger it.”

And, what about the fact of traces of a “global mudslide”? You can literally see traces of it everywhere. Oh yes… it wasn’t a flood, it was a “cultural layer” of sand, silt and clay that was deposited under 10 meters… Yeah, well… Yeah… Nothing to initiate? A large cosmic body – a planet, which will approach the planet Earth at a sufficiently close distance, will cause such a cataclysm, that no one will feel sorry for it. Science does not deny the possibility of the existence of the planet Nibiru. No, it doesn’t. This is the planet 9, then it was renamed planet 10. Even our satellite moon, if it descends from its orbit and flies close to the Earth, would cause enough trouble for a “global cataclysm”. The position of “mainstream science” is quite clear – “Don’t look up!

Speaking of magnetic pole reversals. Science itself does not deny that magnetic reversals are real and occur every 200,000-300,000 years, although most likely about 800,000 years have passed since the last one. We for a long time already “live in debt” and revolution of poles can occur literally at any moment.

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