The American “moon rocks” were the earth-petrified wood

Let’s talk about the moon, or rather on the famous Americans landing on the moon. The landing, which was not and this obvious fact continues to be supported by new evidence.

October 9, 1969, the official representatives of the US state Department handed to the Prime Minister of the Netherlands Willem dries to a priceless gift – a moon rock. A priceless relic he presented to the US Ambassador to the Netherlands William Middendorf during a visit “goodwill” in the Netherlands the greatest astronauts Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Edwin Aldrin.

The stone on the assurances of the Americans, was one of those that they brought back from a space expedition to the moon. Well, you remember the shots where they are running happily on the lunar surface, fall in the lunar dust, ride in a car, etc. etc.

After the death of William Middendorf, a moon rock was transferred to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Priceless historical artifact, it was insured for 500 thousand dollars and hundreds of thousands of citizens and tourists who visited the Museum, admired this rock from the moon donated by the conquerors of space from the great country of America.

It should be noted that the authenticity of “the moonstone” was originally caused doubts among some scientists who saw it, but to challenge the authenticity of the gift then no one dared. In 2006, scientists again began to talk about what this stone does not like the moon and asked to conduct the examination.

Years passed and the examination has been conducted. It turned out that the “moon stone” no moon. and our earth is a simple piece of petrified wood. The results of the examination held officially no one can refute. In 1969, the official representatives of the United States, with the participation of supposedly walked on the moon just three months before this ceremony, the astronauts, presented to the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, the forgery has no relation to space.

The Museum administration with the assistance of which the examination was carried out, commented the results carefully, “It’s a funny story, with a number of outstanding issues,” – said the official spokesman of the Museum Ksandra van Gelder.

It is worth noting that US Ambassador William Middendorf alive now, but he this story does not comment on, and that he could tell if fake stone was presented to him by the U.S. state Department and he hardly was aware of the secrets to this global hoax called “Flight to the moon”.

Incidentally, in 1969, a month after the US Ambassador gave the Minister a fake stone and then started to receive questions from the scientific workers of belonging to this stone, no expertise, no produce was allowed and moreover, the U.S. even staged a mass distribution “lunar soil” to all UN member States, which at that time was 135!

But the Americans took into account the unpleasant moments after handing the stone to the Netherlands, and err, all 135 new “moon rocks” they gave in a sealed Styrofoam balls and cylinders. As you know, this was done in order that no one was able to take a sample from the surface of the fake stones.

The Americans did not stop there and repeated mass distribution of “moon rocks” in 1972, when supposedly there had been recent “expedition to the moon.” However at the moment all over the world donated stones sealed in plexiglass, were no more than 13% series A-11 and A-17. Where did the remaining 87% of American “moon rocks” is not known.

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