The American project “Stargate”: Mars

The CIA in 1988, resorted to very unusual methods in order to reconnoiter the situation on Mars. Information about this was available from the recently declassified archives of the CIA.

For the study of telepathy, telekinesis, extrasensory perception and other paranormal abilities in 1978, the US army began work on the project Stargate (“Stargate”) at the military base Fort Meade in Maryland. Some time later, participation in the project took and the CIA.

One of the documents published by the archive includes the report on the session of the so-called remote surveillance, in which the psychic using his abilities tried to “see” the places which it was impossible to monitor with conventional methods.

The following are excerpts from a document entitled “the exploration of Mars. May 22, 1988”.

“A method for obtaining information about the site: a sealed envelope with the coordinates inside. The envelope was given before the experimental survey revealed only after its completion. Inside, it contained the card size of 3×5 with the following information:

The Planet Mars.

The observation time is approximately 1 million years BC.

Separate geographical coordinates of interest for requesting the information was orally transmitted subjects during the interview,” reads the title page of the document.

This is followed by decoding of the audio, which was conducted during the session. CIA agent reports experimental sealed envelope, asked to concentrate attention on it and calls coordinates 40,89 North latitude and 9.55 degrees West longitude.

“I’d say it’s like a sort of pyramid. Very tall, stands in some similarity of the lowlands. Color yellowish, Buffy,” answers of the test subjects. The agent then asks him to mentally travel in time to the level specified in a sealed envelope.

The experimental describes a dust storm and a hurricane, which, according to him, are a consequence of geological disasters. Again “moving” through time at the direction of the agent, it describes “large smooth objects, walls and corners” of great size, which he calls the megaliths.

Further, the CIA agent asks the technician to move in accordance with the following coordinates: 46.45 degrees North latitude and East longitude 353,22.

“I’m at the bottom of a deep canyon. Look up to see a huge steep wall that stretches in both directions to the horizon. In this wall is carved the building. A huge building without any ornaments, just huge sections of smooth stone,” answers of the test subjects.

Coordinate 45.86 ° North latitude and East longitude 354,1 Guinea tells of another megalith.

“Like the end of a very wide road, and there is a marker, a very large, comes to mind is the Washington Monument, like an obelisk” — are in the words of the psychic.

At coordinates 15 degrees North latitude and 198 degrees East longitude experimental fixes: “Really interesting stuff, like aqueducts, such channels with a rounded bottom. On the horizon you can see the pointed spires. The horizon of some strange, all in the fog”.

On the coordinates of 80 degrees South latitude and 64 degrees East longitude psychic reports that he sees some of the pyramids of large size. A CIA agent on the record notes that the psychic starts from fatigue to lose the ability to concentrate, and offers to give him the opportunity to explore his vision without reference to coordinates. Then instructs the test subject to mentally enter one of the pyramids.

“In a lot of different areas. But they have no furniture or objects, it’s just a functional space for hibernation. Can’t determine very crude information see storms, terrible storms, and sleep during storms”, — shares his impressions of the expert.

Next, the psychic follows a group of people on the planet who are trying to find a new place to live, but are still more volatile celestial body with volcanoes, seismic faults and strange plants. The agent asks to set one of alien contact, however, the subjects replied that the contact does not work, as the psychic seems to him only a hallucination. After that, the CIA voice command gets experimental at present — may 22, 1988.

The project “Stargate” was launched in the late 1970s, years after the CIA received reports that the Soviet Union was spending 60 million rubles annually on research in the field of “psychotronics”. The unit was located at the base Fort Meade in Maryland, it was headed by major General albert Stabbin and his assistant, Lieutenant Frederick Atwater. Colleagues recall that both officers were notably open-minded and were adherents of philosophical and religious movements, new age music (New Age). During the period of active work on the project, it was attended by about 20 military and civilian personnel.

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