The ancient village Iranian cave men in Iran

Maymand/Meymand which age contains from 8 to 12 millennia is considered one of the most ancient habitats of the person in Iran.

More than 300 “apartments” were cut down in surrounding rocks several millennia ago, and many aren’t empty yet.

The mosque united from several caves and licked into shape became the last remake. It unique looks light inside, unlike caves where parted with centuries the center indoors and black soot over the years accumulated on walls and a ceiling.

The foot of mountains has pistachio gardens. Cave men go in for livestock production, agricultural industry, weave carpets, and today develop tourism.

It isn’t difficult to reach Meymand. The village is located in the province Kerman. It is necessary to reach to the town of Shakhr Babak, to take a taxi (taxi drivers already know where it is necessary for tourists) minutes 20-25 on the good road and you on the place. Directly you agree with this taxi driver that he also will arrive for you by the stipulated o’clock.

From the western tourists there was a small group of Germans and I. It is a lot of local, school students. But by the evening they left and quietly it was possible to go-climb from a cave to a cave.

At first didn’t plan to stay overnight, but the owner of hotel persuaded. In a part of caves beds, on a floor carpets, the refrigerator are established. rather ascetically. The door is locked. A shower, a toilet in separate, modern construction. It is possible to order a dinner in the evening. All Germans and I tasted the Iranian cuisine at the improvised restaurant. A delicacy wasn’t, flat cake rice, vegetables, tea, chicken.

Furniture of cave men. As we see, to take a mortgage on furniture and finishing of housing there is no need. Yes housing…. it is obviously hollowed without the credit:) Free people.

At local it is possible to purchase grasses. Certainly medical, pistachios, almonds.

Sack where milk skvashivatsya.

In the yard center

Utility rooms are hollowed right there by a row, the room for cattle, birds, a closet.

Nobody knows whom there were people who began to build these dwellings. In those days the Mitre cult (light appearing over mountains before sunrise) was popular. It was widespread in Iran earlier, than the Zoroastrianism (ognepoklonnichestvo), and long time after emergence of the last still remained urgent.

Air temperature in these rocky houses differs from external temperature approximately by five degrees.

Residents of the village of Meymand have peculiar traditions, in their dialect and language pekhleviysky and srednepersidsky words meet. They eat medicative herbs and special products, Preserving these traditions happens owing to the fact that Meymand’s inhabitants didn’t communicate with urban population and didn’t come under influence of a city conduct of life.

Housing is cut down in the mountain at the height more than 2000 meters. Electricity, the good road, a new system in the form of a shower and a toilet, doesn’t spoil a type of uniqueness and authenticity of this place.

Pipes on roofs of some dwellings and in general caves without flue.

Local can call in on a visit to drink a tea. Not for free of charge. considering that tourists begin to be carried more and more, local use it, I Am afraid in a year two, will be spoiled by tourists.

Museum. the museum free of charge, is included if has taken number and a breakfast. It is open for groups.

At night the ringing silence and… snore of cave men:)

Morning meets you the chirping of sparrows which is carried an echo in mountains and vociferous roosters.

It is possible to surf neighboring mountains. The road the leader to the village is seen.

Hall of the mosque

And this housing where I stopped

Cave for the night with a breakfast about 16 euros.

Second room

In 2015 Meymand has been included in the list of the world heritage of UNESCO.

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