The British proved the existence of Atlantis

Scientists have found new evidence proving that the lively coastal town of Dunwich disappeared under the water about 700 years ago.

Currently, the population of a small coastal village of Dunwich is only 120 people, but in the XII century Dunwich was ranked the 10th largest among the cities of the country. However, a series of devastating storms, led him to decline: in 1286, he lost his Bay. A new port was destroyed by a storm in 1338. Then, due to European cold snap of the XIV century, productivity has fallen sharply.

For many years archaeologists have tried to find out what happened to this seaside village. New evidence found in sedimentary rocks near the coast of Suffolk, confirmed that Dunwich was completely destroyed by the devastating storms that hit him over the decades.

Almost completely gone under water city, which has since been called the “British Atlantis”, all the forces trying to protect themselves from the devastating storms in 1286 and 1326. But since then, as much of its infrastructure was destroyed by the elements, began its steady decline. After the most powerful storm in 1338 by the inhabitants of the city, in the end, conceded defeat.

“To create video images of the seabed, we use ultrasound. Because diving to the bottom in the area of Dunwich, we are immersed in total darkness,” said Professor David Cyr of the University of Southampton. We found the ruins of four churches and the ruins, as we think of the frontier, which previously were charged a travel fee. And we found traces of a still unknown shipwreck”.

In the framework of the archaeological project, Touching the Tide, the divers surveyed the rocks, soil and the ruins of the city located in the County of Suffolk. It turned out that the first settlement on the site of Dunwich originated in the iron age. During the Anglo-Saxon rule, the city became a successful port and after the Norman conquest of 1066, became even richer, as reported by the fragments of pottery.

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Atlantis was written about on the pillars of the temple of Neith in Sais over 3,000 years ago, and was said to exist over 12,000 years ago from the present day.

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