The Fall of Jericho: What weapons caused the fortress walls to fall?

Jericho today is located in the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), over the west bank of the Jordan River. According to official history it was founded in 9600 BC. This “city of palm trees” is often mentioned in the Bible. The most famous biblical account of this city is called “The Taking of Jericho.” Although not all historians agree that it was the Israelites who destroyed Jericho.

Archaeological research in the area has been ongoing. For example, during the excavation of Jericho between 1930 and 1936, led by John Garstang, he wrote the following in his research report:

“As to the main fact, there is thus no doubt about it: the walls of the city had fallen towards the outside, and completely, so that the attackers could have climbed on their debris and entered the city.”

This is strange. Why? Because the walls of cities don’t fall outward, they fall inward. And yet, in the book of Joshua we read: “…And the walls of the city fell down to their foundations, and the people went into the city, every man on his side, and took the city” (Joshua 6:19). These walls fell precisely outward.

Archaeologists have been struck by the fact that the walls of the city collapsed outward, contrary to all common sense, but it was exactly so. The walls of the city collapsed to the ground, opening the way for the attackers to enter the city. Further excavations uncovered traces of the terrible fires that had decimated the city. Huge mountains of ash and charcoal opened to the eyes of archaeologists.

The Bible says about the destruction of Jericho that before Joshua took Jericho, “the leader of the host of the Lord appeared to him” (Nab. 5:13-15) and gave instructions for taking the city: “Seven priests shall bear seven trumpets of jubilee before the ark; and on the seventh day go round the city seven times, and the priests shall sound the trumpets” (Nab. 6:1-4).

Joshua is a biblical character, according to the Old Testament, the leader of the Jewish people during the conquest of Canaan, the successor of Moses. His activities are detailed in the Book of Joshua.

The fortifications of Jericho were so strong that it would have been impossible for the Jews to take it; but the walls of the city fell by themselves at the sound of sacred trumpets and, thanks to this miracle (Nab. 4), the city was taken.

Okay, but let’s look at what happened in a sensible way, without religious mysticism. A representative of a highly advanced civilization comes to Joshua from heaven, which supervised all the actions of Joshua’s troops, and he clearly did not come on a magic carpet, but on a quite material, but advanced spacecraft, which allowed him to fly not only in the earth’s atmosphere, but also in outer space. I doubt that it was just a radio transmission or transmission of a signal to a TV receiver previously transmitted to Navvin, it is just as doubtful that a hologram was used. why such complications? All the more “representatives of God” have appeared before, and in the flesh, and moreover they passed various advanced devices and instructions on their use to their wards.

One of such devices was the Ark of the Covenant, an object of enormous destructive power and emitting radiation. And in the case of the destruction of Jericho, it seems that all this blowing of trumpets was just a theatrical performance, and it was the Ark of the Covenant, which was in fact a high-tech device – a weapon comparable in power to a hundred atomic bombs – that destroyed the city. And the walls fell after the use of this weapon, and not only the walls fell, but the entire city burned to the ground. It is interesting that there was no global radiation contamination of the area. The use of the weapon was local and the contamination affected only the territory of the city.

After the destruction the city was not even looted. According to the book of Joshua (6:20), everything in it was put under a curse. A spell, yes, yes. It was given over to radioactive contamination.

Archaeologists found whole barns and pantries filled with wheat, dates, lentils, and many other supplies, things, and objects, the dating of which showed that the city was destroyed around 1400 B.C. It has also been proven that the storming of the city took place in spring, as evidenced by the jars filled with grain.

According to the findings of numerous archaeological investigations on the territory of ancient Jericho, it was confirmed that:

– Jericho was indeed destroyed around 1400 B.C.
– The walls of the city had collapsed outward.
– The city was not robbed, for according to the book of Joshua 6:20 everything in it was put under a curse.
– The city was destroyed in a fire (Joshua 6:23).
– The city was taken in the spring (Joshua 2:6, 3:15, 5:10).

The excavations of Jericho by C. Kenyon (1952-1958) confirmed the previous dating of the city’s desolation to the fifteenth and fourteenth centuries. We can guess the reasons for this centuries-old desolation – radioactive contamination of the area and the territory where Jericho was located began to repopulate after it disappeared with the passage of time.

The Bible is a very interesting book, but as you read it you must remember that it is a compilation of information from older peoples, such as the Sumerians. Many of the events in the Bible have already been confirmed to have happened, but the only

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