The great pyramid of Cholula

On the background of the pyramid in the city of Cholula even the tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs at Giza seem to be houses of lilliput. However, the Spanish conquistadors missed it.

There were thousands and thousands of soldiers, hardened by months of battle with ferocious natives, malnutrition and unknown diseases. Hernán cortés came with his conquistadores to the great city of Cholula, ready to fight.

But it was the Holy city. Instead of arm, its inhabitants built temples it was said that they had at the sacred pyramid on each day of the year. For their generosity they will have to rely on the protection of the gods.

But it was a fatal mistake. The invaders filled the streets and shrines were looted and burned precious pyramid.

For three hours the Spaniards cut three thousand people. That day, October 12, 1519, there was an unprecedented massacre, which killed 10% of the population.

In the end, the Spaniards settled in Cholula, which is located on the territory of modern Mexico, and has erected so many buildings that, as they say, for every day of the year in the city there is the Church.

The final touch to a symbol of Christian conquest was the Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de lo Remedios (Church of our lady comfort girls), built on an Eminence, which the Spaniards considered a large hill.

But as it turned out, believe your eyes not always possible. Under the tiny Christian Church, hidden under the grass, trees and soil, stands the ancient pyramid of truly great dimensions: 450 meters wide and 66 meters in height.

For the little known temple of the Great pyramid of Cholula boasts an impressive set of records: this is the largest pyramid on the planet, the base of which is four times larger than the great pyramid at Giza, and by volume, it surpasses the Egyptian half.

Yes there is the biggest pyramid, it remains the largest monument of all, what ever and where ever been built by man! The locals call her Tlachihualtepetl (man-made mountain).

And thanks to the Church, omotives on top of it, it is also the most ancient on the planet permanently manned structure.

Say that while in 1910, the locals began to build a shelter for the mentally ill, no one knew that it was a pyramid.

But by the time I got here cortés and his army, this building stood for thousands of years and was completely hidden under vegetation.

At the beginning of the excavation was done many grim finds, including the disfigured skull of the decapitated children.

Where did all this come from there? And why so long did not come across anyone in the eye?

Despite the enormous size of the pyramid, about the early period of its history very little is known.

Scientists believe that its construction began around the year 300 BC, but who exactly started this construction is still a mystery. The myth goes that this pyramid is the handiwork of a giant.

Most likely, the inhabitants of the city called choluteca, was a mixture of different peoples. Apparently, the city was multinational, with active migration, says David Carballo, an archaeologist from Boston University in American Massachusetts.

But whoever the local inhabitants, they were probably very wealthy. Cholula is conveniently located in the mountains of Mexico and thousands of years it served as a major center of trade, connecting the North to the state of the Toltec-chichimec with the southern Mayan Empire.

Cortes called it the most beautiful city outside of Spain. By the time he got here, Cholula was the second largest city of the Aztec Empire, though it has several times passed from hand to hand.

But the surprises do not end there. In fact, this construction is not one pyramid, but a kind of giant matryoshka, consisting of at least six parts, put on one another.

It grew in stages, as the next civilization of the improved construction.

They deliberately preserved, and in some cases and stressed the early stages of construction. This is an innovative approach, he suggests a conscious attempt to establish a connection with the past, ” says Carballo.

Legend has it that local residents learned about the March of the conquistadors themselves bombarded precious temple land. But, really, it could have happened accidentally, because, oddly enough, the world’s largest pyramid built out of clay.

Adobe bricks are made from a mixture of clay with materials such as sand or straw, and then dried in the sun. For the construction of the pyramid of the external bricks were additionally covered the ground to the walls to draw.

In its heyday the temple were painted with images of red, black and yellow insects.

In dry climates, clay bricks are extremely durable and can last thousands of years. And the moist climate of Mexico, this structure became the breeding ground for tropical jungle.

This temple was abandoned in the VII or VIII century BC. In Choluteca nearby was built a new pyramid, which is then destroyed by the Spaniards, explains Carballo.

The hand played and topography: the pyramid stands on a natural platform in the area, almost completely covered with mountains.

Now the pyramid returned to the bosom of the city, and it can be viewed, walking through the tunnels stretching over eight kilometres, built in the early twentieth century.
















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