The imprint of a human foot which 290 million years

What do we know about our history – the history of mankind? Only what is considered to be the story – officially, but everything that falls outside the scope of official dogmas, science is not going to recognize. But, they recognize an uncomfortable or not artifacts, the artifacts do not disappear.

Here is the imprint of a human foot in a petrified stone. It would seem there is nothing unusual, came the ancient man in the viscous clay, which is then petrified. Only here the fact that the age of the imprint is estimated to official science – 290 million years!

290 million years ago, a man left the imprint of his feet, but the assurances of the official science, no people then did not exist! So where then print?

This artifact found in the American state of new Mexico in 1980. A stone with the imprint of a human foot was found by paleontologist Jerry MacDonald, and next to that stone, was discovered the fossilized remains of ancient birds and animals.

A paleontologist was amazed when studies have shown the stone age – 290 million years ago, someone left their mark and not just someone, but a person. Scientist find to hide was gone and issued a report on the finding and results of the studies which reported that the discovery was made in strata belonging to the Permian period (the last geological period of the Paleozoic era, which began 298 million years ago and ended 252 million years ago).

This is long before the modern ideas about the history of our planet, on Earth there are people, and birds with dinosaurs then still supposedly did not exist. The official science claims that dinosaurs appeared in the Mesozoic era about 230 million years ago. Turns out dinosaurs and birds was not yet, and people already had?


Paleontolog found impossible artifact, could not give him an explanation, as all that the scientific community does not question the reality of the findings – Yes, researchers say, is really the imprint on the stone appeared 290 million years ago and it really resembles the imprint of a human foot. But the imprint of a human foot is not.

All can be and be all can.
But one can’t be.
Can not be and not be,
What can’t be.

So, it’s simple – Yes, the imprint of a human foot petrified really is and he really 290 million years, but that’s not my leg you just thought.

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