The legend of the tomb of Rurik, the first Russian Prince

The legend of the tomb of Rurik, the first Russian Prince, reads: “it was a battle in the late autumn, on the North Bank of the Luga. Rurik was seriously injured and died. It was cold, the earth was smisla, his body covered with stones. There were 12 people left with him. In the spring the body of Rurik moved across the river to the town of Stones with lights, on the South Bank of the Luga, where he was buried in a large mound, in a Golden coffin, and 40 kegs of silver coins.

Buried with a horse and a gilded saddle. With him was buried the 12 persons heads in a circle. At the time Rurik was one. My uncle sent for the funeral of Rurik the coffin, the sword, helmet and shield. From the mound to the river is a gold chain. Rurik was buried in the depths of the fifth at the meadows, 60 versts from Novgorod and 60 fathoms from lugi.

The grave of the Prince looking for a long time, tending to the barrels of silver and Golden coffin, and, of course, to the glory of the discoverers of the tomb of the living legend. This puzzle is concerned about Russian minds, no less the secrets of the Amber room or the library of Ivan the terrible.

Historians still debate the circumstances under which the founder of the Russian state died, when and where he was buried. Some of the same. of researchers at all doubt that Rurik ever existed.

One of the main sources of information about Ancient Russia recognized nestorovskaya “the Tale of bygone years”, which begins with voknyazheniya in 862 the Scandinavian Governor of Rurik. General version concludes that Rurik died about 879.

On the site of the grave of the Prince expect two areas: the bottom of the lake is about Tehnichnoi tower of the Fort of Ladoga (Old Ladoga) and the town of Korela (now Priozersk). No documentary evidence to support these versions do not, they are based solely on legends. Archaeologists hard at work in Staraya Ladoga, and the site was even visited by President Putin, in Novgorod MCHS by divers looking for Rurik’s grave at the bottom of lake Ladoga. After all, legend has it that the tomb of the Prince, made of gold, was flooded.

However, it seems that there are many reasons to think that Rurik’s grave is in an ancient burial mound near the village of Podgorie Batetsky district of the Novgorod region. This mound called shum-Gora. The location is very unusual: across boulders with fancy ornament, ancient stone altars, carved stone statues.

And the Noise-mountain, rather, is a structure of heavy stone slabs, covered with top soil. This whole area is called Peredolsky churchyard, which occupies the land from the village of the foothills to the village of zapillya, along the river Luga. The area of the graveyard about 10 acres, and you can count seven large burial mounds.

But the largest mound, of course, the Noise-mountain. Its diameter of almost 100 meters and a height of just over 13. It was named for the strange noise heard all around, ” mountain “noise”, “sings”, because on top of the mound are ritual stones, which in a strong wind, make a sound more like crying.

Shum-Gora is the largest unexplored burial mound in Europe. It is often compared to the Royal mounds in Uppsala (Sweden), burial mounds of the kings in Oseberg (Norway), with a memorial mound of Harald Bluetooth (Denmark).

The stone slab is reliably protected by a Noise-the hill from the “black diggers”, or as they were called in the nineteenth century, “bugrovskoe”, that is, those who are digging mounds or barrows.

The sounds of Noise-the mountains once scared the Novgorod search engine Artem Novozhilov and his friends.

— Once with friends we came to the mound and spent the night with him. But sleep we could not. By late evening, the mountain ached. We were really scared. And on the morning of the realized and remembered from early research that the inside of the mound there is a stone structure, in the form of a labyrinth, there from the mountain top into the hole in the blowing wind, and it goes somewhere from the middle of the hill.

And are born crying sounds. Local legends provide a key to this construction is the assumption that the hill was built on the ruins of the ancient Church.

Novozhilov said that this place is a serious danger to humans.

— Surprisingly, over the hill rarely hear the birds singing. But, if you move 20 meters away, nature seems to be alive. Here it is worth considering that nature gives a sign to the man — don’t worry, no admittance! Noise mountain really has some mysterious power. Not for nothing in the 19th century, local residents came to her with a procession and walked up a hill.

Conducted GPR studies by the Center for regional studies and the Museum the technologies of Petrolandia, NIIKSI St. Petersburg state University, under the guidance of a member of the coordinating Council of the St. Petersburg Union of scientists, Professor Gleb Lebedev showed that the Noise-mountain resembles the shape of a stepped pyramid, the surface of the hill is lined with pieces of limestone flagstone.

Also, ground-penetrating radar found at a depth of 14-15 meters cavity, clearly oriented from East to West. Researchers have suggested that cavity – nothing like a burial chamber or sarcophagus. In addition, in the southern part of the mound was discovered “linear anomaly”, which resembles a tunnel stretching into nowhere. According to the researchers, it is similar to the tunnels of the pyramids in Egypt.

It would seem that here, all the data obtained, the theory is confirmed, it’s time to dig. But not all so simple…

Scientists even going to start digging the mound, but the locals and the administration Batetsky district was strongly against this and defended the hill, — said the resident of the nearby village of Podgorie Alexey Egorov. — We live here, and these scientists came and went. Who knows what power lurks in the mound.

Place, by the way, is unusual, — continues the story Alexey. — They say that there are ghosts, which scare the hell out of hunters, and they come with the local cemetery. One such treasure hunter only began to dig as he was approached by a girl in a red dress and barefoot, said, “my Dear man, as to so-and-so village?”.

Treasure hunter got scared, took a deep breath, he began to explain, turned away for a moment, turned around and she and the spirit had vanished. Came to us in the village, talks, stutters, he had a glass pour.

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