The magical symbols of British settlers in Tasmania and Australia

Historian Ian Evans is looking for mysterious signs in old buildings on Tasmania and across Australia. He is sure that European settlers in the country widely used rituals and magic techniques. He examined already 30 old houses. And the first mystic sign found in the stables of the 50s of the XIX century to the north of the capital of Tasmania.

Ann Kenke, owner of the stables:
“When Ian first found signs here, we were all very happy. We constantly looked at them, but did not understand what they meant. ”

Since then, the researcher has found similar signs throughout the country. They show that the British settlers did not abandon the magical rituals, as was supposed before. People believed that symbols help them protect the house from vagabonds and runaway criminals, as well as from Aborigines.

Ian Evans, researcher:
“Magic was one way to solve the various incomprehensible situations in which they found themselves in Australia.”

Evans works and lives in Brisbane. On the island of Tasmania, he came to inspect several colonial buildings in the south.

“We found a lot of magic signs. We also found surprisingly many burn marks. ”

For example, in the stables of such tracks there were almost 60. They were made with the help of a burning candle. It is supposed that they had to protect valuable horses.

“There are a lot of signs of burning in the stables of Tasmania. I do not think that my English colleagues investigated them from this point of view. ”

In total, he studied the buildings of the 21 stables. And only one trace was not found. Enthusiasts come to the rescue.

A researcher of mystical signs:
“I heard about the project, so I went to his Facebook page and read a little, found the pictures. Then I started looking, and I found it. ”

Now Evans plans to go to the UK and conduct similar studies there.

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