The Mayans: the legend of the talking crosses.

In the wilds of Quintana Roo, one of the most inaccessible areas of Yucatan, live the descendants of the ancient Maya people. The history of this land is closely linked to the mysterious talking crosses that became a symbol of resistance to white invaders.

At the time of the conquistadors, Spanish monks discovered that the symbol of the Cross was known to the Mayans as early as the first millennium AD. The Indians willingly incorporated the Christian cross into their religious symbolism. However, the cult of talking crosses emerged much later.

In 1847, an incredible event occurred in the village of Chan – a cross carved from the trunk of a huge tree spoke. The voice coming from the cross commanded the Maya to stand up in a great holy war against the whites and drive them away from the borders of Quintana Roo. This was the beginning of the “War of the Crosses,” the Maya revolt against the conquerors.

The voice of the cross influenced the destiny of the Maya. He prophesied, foretold, advised and gave orders. At his command, a shrine of the Cross was established in Chan, and soon two more talking crosses appeared. The former village of Chan became the town of Chan Santa Cruz.

The phenomenon of the “talking crosses” caused bewilderment and wonder. It was impossible to hide inside the crosses, and tape recorders did not exist at the time. This phenomenon lay outside the cultural tradition of the Maya and their neighbors.

As a result of the “War of the Crosses,” the Indian Territory became a de facto independent state. The Mexican government tried repeatedly to bring these lands back under its control, but was unable to resist the Maya. Only in 1935 a peace treaty was concluded, according to which the Indians received freedom and independence.

Today, the Maya believe that the 1935 peace treaty brought them victory over Mexico and over the entire white world. The talking crosses were moved to the new Mayan capital, Champon, where they are housed in a shrine. The cult of the talking crosses is the official religion of the Free Indian Territory.

Although the voices of the crosses have long been unheard, they remain a symbol of Mayan resistance and faith.

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