The most ancient gold ornament in the Caucasus was discovered in Azerbaijan

During the joint excavations of the Nakhchivan branch of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan and the National Center for Studies of France in the ancient settlement on the Ovchular hill of the Sharur region, a gold necklace belonging to the national collection of Nakhchivan clothes was discovered.

This find, which became the most ancient gold object found in the Caucasus, is a new page in archeology, ethnography, and the history of decorative and applied arts of the Caucasus, in particular, it is a new example in the jewelry art of Azerbaijan and the culture of national clothes.

Researchers attribute a gold necklace to the period of the Late Eneolithic. Necklace is part of the group of viloobraznyh jewelry, characteristic of the ancient period. Decoration of a whitish-yellow color 6 mm wide, 18 centimeters in diameter.

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