The mysterious ancient star map of the Incas

The civilization of the Incas is very mysterious and left us with a lot of secrets, one of them is a golden star chart that archaeologists have found near Cuzco when they unearthed an ancient temple that was covered with gold plates during the heyday of the Inca civilization.

It was in this “Golden Temple” that a golden plate was discovered in the form of a solar disk with a mysterious star chart. The temple itself was looted by the Spaniards during the conquest by the conquistadors, but this disc was carefully hidden apparently before the conquistadors stole all the gold from the cladding of the temple walls.

According to the chronicles of the Incas, this golden temple was erected in honor of the Sun God, which the Incas called Inti. In the historical records left by Spanish conquistadors plundered this temple, describes a large amount of gold and jewelry, which they carried away from it. This temple was very significant and revered by the Incas.

Many specialists, astronomers, scientists and enthusiasts tried to decipher this star map on a golden plate. According to the inscriptions left by the Incas, this map indicates the way to the house where the god Viracocha lives, the great father of the Sun god Inti.

According to the historical records of the Incas, the god Virakocha came to Earth from the stars, brought with him various scientific knowledge, taught the Incas to build and cultivate land, cultivate crops, taught medicine and gave them grain of corn.

On the map, you can find quite recognizable constellations and even the Milky Way galaxy, the Southern Cross, as well as depicting important events, people, comet and even cartographic outlines of South America.

In addition, on the golden disk there are images of the gods who came from the stars, Viracocha and the gods of water and earth – Mamachocha and Pachamama. This star map is essentially the key to understanding that we are not alone in the universe.

By the way, there is another hypothesis that the “comet” depicted on the disk is not a comet at all, but the planet of the gods Nibiru and the map indicates how this planet is moving towards the Earth.

In the descriptions of the Incas and ancient Sumerians, this planet of the gods is described as a giant space ship of an alien civilization that flies in an out-of-the-way orbit and every 4500 years approaches our planet and the gods descend to Earth.

By the way, the time of arrival of this alien ship has long been approached …

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so is this the star goddess?

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